Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#Qoo10: Redeem your deal using the Qoo10 app!

By now you should have read my previous Qoo10 post where i shared "5 tips when purchasing on Qoo10" (Read it HERE if you haven't!) In the meantime while i'm still waiting for some of my items that i ordered to arrive at my door step, here's a post on how to redeem your deal(s) on the spot using the Qoo10 app on your phone! Quite interested! :D

Before i go on...

Do you know that there is a section on Qoo10 that offers different kinds of deals?

Apparently they do and i was quite surprised by the range of deals they offer! It ranges from Food deals from different dining and cafes to Leisure/ travel deals such as to the latest Legoland or Sentosa deal and being a real foodie, i normally browse through the Dining/ Cafe section, just in case i miss out any good and affordable food deals :P
I came across this Maggie Moo deal where i can get 1 Pint of 14oz ice cream at just $6.90 instead of the usual price of $13.90 at the store itself! The deal was supposed to be $7.90, but as it was on Time Sale, there was even further discount! OMGGGG, it's like double combo. Cannot take it, must buy! It's still available now at $7.90! (Click HERE!)
Went down to the Tampines One outlet the next day to redeem my ice cream!
The special thing about purchasing certain redeemable deals from Qoo10 is that YOU CAN REDEEM DIRECTLY VIA THE Qoo10 APP! Meaning you don't have to print out the voucher physically and present it in order to redeem your deal, unlike other deal websites! The above images shows the step by step on how to get to the e-ticket page on the app.
There was already a crowd at the stall when i reached there and people are also redeeming the ice cream deal via the app! Apparently up to now, there's about 2232 pints of ice cream sold via this deal offer! Can you imagine, 2232++!
There were about 12 ice cream flavors for us to choose from. There's even red velvet and bubblegum!
All i did was to show them my phone with the e-ticket page and press the "Redeem Now" button in front of them.
The next thing you will see would be the "Used" icon appear meaning the deal has been redeemed!
I chose the S'more Chocolate ice cream with Marshmallow flavor! #happyboy89
At just $5.90 for a pint of premium ice cream, i would say this is a very good deal! Plus the fact that the deal is so convenient to redeem via the Qoo10 app makes it even better! (those who don't own a printer must be feeling happier!)

You can also use the Qoo10 app for a scaled down version of the actual website and purchase directly from the app! That's all i have for this post, do follow Qoo10 on Facebook (click!) but before you click that red X at the top, do click the image below to vote for me/ my blog for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 - Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog!

Thank you!!!