Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#Qoo10: Tees, Bracelet and Beauty!

You have read about me getting my Fisheye lens, my iPad cover, an aromatherapy oil diffuser and even a pint of ice cream, everything from an online marketplace called Qoo10. You have read about my 5 tip on purchasing from Qoo10 and some of you might wonder - How come i have yet to buy any apparels or accessories from Qoo10? Here's the post!
Nothing beats reaching home and seeing parcels on your desk. It means your purchases are here!!! *throw confetti*
I was browsing through the male apparels section on Qoo10 and i saw this Iron Man Arc Reactor tee and i knew i had to get it!!! I've always been a fan of the iron man series and i have seen people wearing these arc reactor tees, in my mind i was like, "WHERE DID THESE PEOPLE GET THE SHIRT?!" and I FINALLY FOUND IT. Without a doubt, i immediately ordered one for myself. Can you believe that it's only $10.50?! I wasn't expecting it to be so cheap, maybe $20 or so!

Even though the tee cost only $10.50, i still had to try my luck and see if i still have any discount coupon (if not i can exchange my Qstamps for a coupon!) but i have a $1 discount coupon with a minimum purchase of $10! YAYYYY Delivery took about a week and i was so happy when it arrived! There were 2 designs available - The circle glow and the Triangle glow (as seen in iron man 2!) and i chose the Triangle one as i like the Mark IV of all the suit the most!

Wore it out the next day and did an #ootd post (with some cool editing as you can see) on instagram and instantly within an hour there was 100 over likes and people commenting on both my instagram and twitter on how cool the shirt is and where i got it from! Of cos i had to answer - Qoo10! Here's the link (click HERE) if you are interested in the tee!
Here's another shop which i bought a couple of tees from!
Apparently one of the trend now is cosmic designs and just nice this shop is having an early bird discount! I got 2 of their tees at an average of $12 each only! You tell me where else can you find such tees at only $12 each! I'm not sure if the early bird discount is still on by the time you are reading this but you can try always your luck by clicking HERE to be directed to the store on Qoo10! Wide range of designs available, definitely spoilt for choice. Start shopping! LOL

*the clothes are not here yet but i will instagram them once it arrives, so do follow me @andystorm!

I'm also a huge fan of accessories as i always feel that accessories really helps to "complete" your whole outfit if you get what i meant. I was browsing through Qoo10 and this leather hand bracelet caught my eye and not only that, THE PRICE IS ONLY $1.90. I know it sound quite unbelievable and honestly i'm quite skeptical about it but after reading the reviews, i went ahead and ordered it! Delivery took only about 3 days and i received it, nicely packed in an envelope!
Took photos of it and posted on my instagram and it got about 150 likes! Wore it out a couple of times and had a few friends asking where i got it from, some even thought it was a branded bracelet. They couldn't believe it when i took them it cost only $1.90 from Qoo10, LOL Here's the link if you are interested to get it for yourself - Click HERE!

Last but not least...

I bought this Shills Pore No More Whitening Pores Refining Gel for myself! One thing that i don't like about my face are the visible pores (which you can't see in my photos because i photoshop-ed them, LOL!) and i always wanted to find solutions for it. Saw this Shills Pore Refining Gel in a Taiwan magazine before and it was reviewed by 女人我最大 show to be really effective. Since it was on time sale on Qoo10 at only $8.90, i decided to purchase one and give it a try!

Arrived at my door step nicely bubble wrapped

Here we go, the Shills Whitening Pore Refining Gel! I have been using it for the past 1 week religiously every night before i sleep and i think i can see some results! What i really like about this gel is that it gets absorb into the skin quickly and there is no sticky residue feeling after apply it! Ok, i'm starting to sound like a beauty blogger. If you are looking for ways to reduce your pores, or improve your skin texture, you might want to try this gel? Click HERE to be directed :D

That's all i have for this post, are you already on Qoo10 website? *wink*

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Thank you very much and i hope you enjoyed reading my Qoo10 posts!