Thursday, June 20, 2013

#Qoo10: Consolidation. Guess how much i spent in total?

 As the title suggest, this post is a consolidation of the 3 Qoo10 blog post that i did for the past few weeks! But the main question which i'm quite sure none of you actually take note is - "How much did i spent in total altogether?"

But before i go on, remember the previous post i mentioned i bought 2 cosmic design tees but i didn't post any photos of them because i'm still waiting for them to arrive? and i said i will instagram them once i got it? WELL, GUESS WHAT?
They arrived this afternoon at my doorstep! Just in time before i publish this post!

Really love the design and quality of the tees, the size is just right too! Waiting time for it to arrive takes about 2 to 3 weeks though because it's shipped from overseas. If you are looking for tees like this and don't mind the long waiting time, you can checkout this store on Qoo10 by clicking HERE! The quality is really not bad and the printing is good (:

Here's a collage/ recap of the items that i bought and blogged about in the 3 posts:
How about a rough gauge? 

If you were to put these 8 photos in front of me and ask me to guess how much they cost in total, i would say about... $185? A detailed breakdown would be $25 for the Iron Man tee, $10 for the bracelet, $40 for the 2 cosmic tees, $25 for the fish eye lens, $20 for the iPad Mini case, $30 for the aromatherapy oil diffuser, $10 for a pint of premium ice cream and $25 for the Shills Pore gel. Well, i'm quite sure that's the price you got to pay if you bought these items outside...

Now let's take a look how much i bought each item for from Qoo10:

 Look at the difference i paid!

And if i total up the amount of $$, i spent a grand total of...

*drum roll* ta-ta-ta-ta-ta.... $104.40!

If i were to compare the initial estimated price of $185, i would have saved more than $80 by shopping on Qoo10!

Just in case you did not managed to read any of the 3 post i did:

When shopping on Qoo10, just remember the 5 tips that i shared in my first post. (Read it HERE)

Use the Qoo10 mobile app for on-the-go shopping as well as redeem your deals directly! (Read it HERE)

Qoo10 has a wide range of cool products such as my Arc Reactor Tee! (Read it HERE)

Thank you for reading and i hope these Qoo10 posts have opened up your world of online shopping! For those who tweet me on how much you love your item or how happy when your item arrived (esp those items that i recommended in my posts), i'm glad that what i shared was useful! Do continue to share your buys with me! Last but not least, do vote for me/my blog for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 - Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog by clicking the image below:

By the way, 23rd will be the last day to vote! Once again, thank you for those who have voting daily, i'm currently leading in votes as one of the top 3 in my category!!! *throw confetti* What's left now is the judging and results will be announced on the actual Singapore Blog Awards day! *cross fingers* Thank you for reading and do stay tuned for more!