Tuesday, August 27, 2013

High Tea at Dean & Deluca.

 181 Orchard Road, 
#04-23/24 Orchard Central

I've always wanted to visit Dean & Deluca ever since it opened in Singapore but haven't got the time to visit them till recently! I've heard and read so much about the ambiance, the food especially the cakes such as their red velvet!
I really like the feel when i enter the cafe. I think they expanded their space and now it's so much bigger. My first thought when i entered Dean & Deluca was, how much it's similar to Jones the Grocer because they took have a groceries section where you can get sauces, jams etc. The outlet has the whole New York feel which is interesting. First thing first was to order our drinks, Don and i ordered the Marble Chocolate Shake ($6.50) which includes 2 choices of toppings in your shake so i had Marshmallow and Caramel sauce, and Don has Vanilla biscuits and Chocolate chips in his drink. Joyce has a medium Iced Marble Latte ($7) I couldn't really taste the difference between the 2 shakes though. There were so many varieties of food to choose from and we were so spoilt for choice, and wanted abit of everything so the above we what we ordered. I was quite surprised to see a Rainbow cake ($7.50) among all the cakes and i knew i had to order it regardless the flavour! Couldn't really figure out the flavour but i somehow think it's related to banana but still, i'm happy to see a rainbow cake! Then again, i counted only 6 colours ley... Rainbow should have 7 colours right?

Ordered the Cream cheese hazelnut brownie ($5) which was a disappointment. The serving was huge but it was too dry, left half of it untouched. The Red Velvet ($9) on the other hand was not bad. Moist and tasty. Ordered a Lemon pound cake ($4) too and every bite was full of the lemon zest but it was quite overpowering after a few mouthful.

Wanted something hot as well so we ordered a Triple mushroom soup ($10) which has a combi of 3 different types of mushroom with white truffle oil. It's abit expensive but every mouth was very rich and you could taste the mushroom in it. Last but not least, the Egg Iberico ($25), one of the main dish which is like Egg Benedict. 2 perfectly poached egg (one of the nicest i have seen!) on top of a bed of sauteed mushroom on 3 bread. Not bad but a bit pricey though.
Happy me with all sorts of cakes and dishes to try! Not to mention we were going to have steamboat after this meal! If you did the math, this high tea cost $80.50. The good thing about Dean & Deluca is that the 7% GST is already included in the price of the food, and there is no service charge! Probably because you collect your own food at the collection counter. They will give you this device which lights up and beep when your food is ready for collection.

Because of the ambiance and location of Dean & Deluca, i would definitely be back if i'm looking for a nice place to chill with my friend to have a drink or tea break. For those conscience of the pricing range, just take note that a slice of cake and a drink would probably set you back at about $20, main hot dishes are priced at an average of $25 each (:
Ending this post with a huge photo of my#ootd for that day! :D