Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Better Florist: Fresh Blooms with same day delivery!

When the folks from abetterflorist approached me for a collaboration, i looked through their website and thought to myself, “Wah, all their in-house bouquets looks really really pretty, it would be nice to receive one of these…” So my first intention was to pick one of it for my room and flaunt it on instagram the moment the delivery arrives but then again, it just seem too superficial. (Not throwing shade at those who got it for themselves, lol) I thought it would be rather meaningful if i send it to someone else instead, I’m quite sure they will  definitely appreciate it more than i will. 

After thinking for awhile, i then thought of my best friend who is starting her new job the following week. Being in a brand new environment, with new colleagues, new workspace, why not send a bouquet of flowers over with a congratulation message? It will probably brighten up her day! So i browse through their abetterflorist catalogue (between the Signature Blooms and Farmer’s Choice) and finally chose the Lilah which consists of bright blooms and a starburst pincushion, not only that, the Lilah also comes in a glass vase which makes it perfect for work desk decoration!
What i am really impressed by abetterflorist is that delivery is FREE and they offer SAME DAY DELIVERY if you order before 3pm! This is honestly the first time i hear of free flower delivery. Florist usually charge delivery fee which can be pretty expensive (sometimes as much as 1/2 the price of the flowers itself, depending on location) Fast forward on the actual day (my friend still has no idea as it’s meant to be a surprise) I got a text and a photo of the flowers!  
I was rather shocked at the size of the bouquet. Didn’t expect it to be so big.  
…and now the flowers sits nicely at the desk, brightening up the whole area :) 

I would say the whole process was really fuss free and easy. From choosing the bouquet from their website (more than enough choices for different people, different occasions) to arranging for delivery and payment.  Each bouquet looks amazing on its own and definitely instagrammable, LOL Come to think of it, the bouquets can definitely be featured in your photo shoots (i.e. wedding, lookbook etc) because they all look so vibrant, colourful and wrapped up tastefully!
If you and your friends/date are looking for something more exciting and interesting to do over the weekend, you can sign up for abetterflorist flower jamming session that is happening every Saturday. Learn florist hacks and flower arrangement from the expert, and personalise your very own bouquets. See how cheap flowers be transformed into classy decor and luxurious bouquets.

You might think these sessions are gonna be crazily expensive but you will be surprised! I’m not gonna reveal the price but enjoy a special rate of only $40 per person (for the first 5 sign-ups) Do checkout abetterflorist Facebook page for updates on their flower jamming session! I will be signing up for the session myself so do say hi if you ever see me! :)

Till then!                                       

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Gaston Luga - Your ultimate travel bagpack

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When it comes to traveling overseas, i always feel that it’s very important to have a good bagpack. It should big enough to contain your daily essentials like passport, documents, water bottle, power bank etc and not only that, it must be comfortable to bring around, the weight should be balanced on both sides and the shoulder strap should rest nicely without causing any strain. Last but not least, it should look good and stylish, and even be part of your travel #ootds. If you have always been looking for a travel bag pack that fits the above description, i might just have the bag for you.  
I was asked to handpicked one of Gaston Luga bagpack between their class and Pråper collection and i was immediately drawn to their Pråper bagpack in full black. (i’m such a sucker for black and stylish stuff LOL) Anyway, the Pråper design comes in 3 colour choices - Black, Olive & Black as well as Navy &Brown. (and pink for girls!) Well, just in case you think i chose this bag just because it’s all black, here are more reasons why i chose the Pråper collection:  
Metal hook closure, adjustable with 4 levels to suit your packing need. Very fuss-free handy way of securing your bag, especially when you are in a rush to catch your train or flight. Just hook and go. Not like the typical “belt” or magnet method which could take some time to fasten or might become loose in the long run.  
Inner 13 to 15” laptop sleeve. Ever since i got my macbook, i tend to bring it around everywhere i go because i get to do work and transfer photos from my camera on the go, especially during long rides. The inner sleeve separates my macbook with the rest of the items in my bag. The inner of the bagpack is dressed in 100% cotton fabric by the way.  
Last but not least, one of my favourite feature and also why i think this Pråper bagpack makes a very good travel bag - the passport and ticket pocket at the back. This unique pocket makes keeping your passport ticket safe, yet accessible at the same time. No more rampaging through all your items in a hurry or holding your documents on hand while on the go with a chance of misplacing them.   
The Pråper design retails at $309, while the classic collection retails at $299. (There is also a Classy collection for females at $269) Enjoy FREE shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) and additional 15% off with promo code - “andystorm15”! To give you an idea how much it would cost for a Pråper bagpack after the above mentioned rebate and discount, it would cost a grand total of $216.92 with FREE shipping! That’s almost $100 off the retail price, and i think it’s pretty affordable for the good quality bagpack! :)

Do visit Gaston Luga official website at to view the collections.

 Signing off,                      

Thursday, June 1, 2017 Your shoe care and storage specialist!

If you guys know me well enough (maybe not personally for most of you but might have been actively following my updates on social media) you would know that i’m a huge fan of sneakers, especially Adidas and i have so many pairs at home that my mum and i have to make this agreement that for every pair of new shoes that i bring home now, i have to forgo an old pair by throwing it away or donating it away. (I now secretly hide my new shoes in my room if you are wondering, lol) I haven’t really counted how many pairs i have in total but i think about 40 pairs in total now?  :|
Anyway recently i did a blog post on getting the highly sought after Adidas NMDs from overseas (link) and the folks from isShoe Singapore picked it up and decided to send a curated box of shoe care products to my place and here i am sharing the different products with you guys! A lot of us tend to buy these expensive shoes and put them together with our other shoes on the rack without thinking twice on how to care for them, or make them look new and last longer.
Before i go on, let me share a bit more on isShoe Singapore. They are founded with the belief to bring shoe storage and shoe care to people who face problems of messy shoes at home and their products are targeted to resolve such issues. They recently expanded their range of products and the products that i’m gonna share with you guys below are some of them :) I will be sharing on the above 6 products that i received from isShoe Singapore. I will be including the product direct link below each product image in case you guys are interested in getting it for yourself! :D  
isShoe Adjustable Shoe Tree (link

I have always wondered why there are times when i have to get some particular shoes half a size bigger or half a size smaller, isn’t it supposed to be standardized based on the universal shoe sizing? Like for example, I’m size UK7 in general but when it comes to NMD, i have to get at least UK7.5 and for my Adidas Superstar, i’m actually wearing the largest kids size (and i secretly save 20 bucks, lol) Well, apparently it’s not because our feet are shrinking or expanding but it’s based on the design and material of which the shoes are made. Different designs offers different cuttings and styles to fit the activities they are made for. With the adjustable shoe tree (which fits all shoes) it helps to maintain the shoe size or even stretches the shoe for more comfortable wear.  
IsShoe Horse Hair Shoe Brush (link

If you look at all the different shoe brushes in the market right now, you will realised that they are probably made with horse hair because it’s soft yet robust built. isShoe shoe brush is made of 100% premium horse hair and gives your shoes the most complete stroke to remove excess dust, dirt or minor stains . So it basically acts like a tooth brush and should be used daily for your shoes or after wearing them. Horse hair brushes are not only for sneakers but also compliments leather shoes and give it a soft clean finish.  
Jewel Shoe Eraser (link

I tend to not buy white shoes because it gets dirty easily but sometimes i personally still own a few pairs of and my favourite is definitely the classic Adidas superstar. I always get all these stubborn stains on the sole and it never comes off even when i use water or soup. Well, the answer to such stains is actually by using an eraser. The Jewel shoe eraser is famous for saving white soles of many shoes especially Adidas NMDs and Yeezy boost!  
isShoe Repulse Hydrophobic Spray (link

I’m quite sure you guys have seen shoe sprays before and liquid literally just bounces off the surface of the shoes that have been treated by these spray. isShoe is one of the first companies in SG to locally brand a shoe spray and i have got to say it works as well as other brands! I have used it on my NMDs and i’m glad they are now “water-repellent”. Really hate it when you wear your best shoes out and suddenly the weather turns bad and starts pouring...

Repulse creates a prime layer above the shoes and the hydrophobic property prevent any form of liquid from trying to penetrate the layer be it oil, sauces or most common, water. Each spray should last for about 2 to 3 weeks and it is recommended that you re-apply once every 2 weeks to ensure maximum repellency effect. Don’t think that you only have spray once and your shoes will repel water forever! I would say it’s a really good investment to get one of these, especially if your shoes are really rare and expensive like the Yeezy. You wouldn’t want it to get dirty and soggy right?
isShoe Remove (link

This product basically is an active carbon shoe insert that aims to absorb moisture, which is the main contributing factor to bacteria growing in our shoes which can cause infections. While absorbing the moisture, this products also eliminates odors. I was also enlightened that Singapore has one of the highest humidity rating in the world as we live along the equator in tropical conditions, which explains why our shoes loses its shape or discolour over months of use.The greatest deterioration will be suede material as copied in humidity. With the active carbon, it absorbs moisture and prevent your shoe material from deteriorating. Pretty handy and it doesn’t cost much! 

Last but not least, not a shoe care product but it keeps your shoes tidy and protect them from moth attacks, dust…  
Elenor Prime Shoe Storage Box (link

Shoe racks typically are open and our shoes are subjected to external factors such as moisture and dust. If you are looking for an aesthetically modern looking shoe rack for your place or room, this is one shoe storage that you can consider! The 1.5mm acrylic provides see-through feature to know exactly which shoe is kept in which box, at the same time protecting your shoes. The edge of these storage boxes are designed with grooves such that they can be stack to increase stability and sturdiness of the whole structure to prevent them from falling. 

Well, that’s quite a handful of useful products just for your shoes! I know most people usually won’t spend the effort in taking care of their shoes, including myself… but after learning more about how these products can help in prolonging and keeping them clean, i thought maybe it’s time to take care of my shoes. You can definitely start too, even simply by brushing your shoes clear of dirt every time you return home. How long can it take? 5 mins? 10 mins? I thought the shoe storage box looks pretty neat and minimal for a room though *wink 

Do visit visit isShoe Singapore website - for more products and shoe storage solutions. They even have a physical showroom for you to visit from Monday to Friday, 10am to 9pm, if not just browse and purchase online from their site and get FREE delivery for orders above $60! 

Psst, the Repulse hydrophobic spray is now on sale at only $14! I’m sure other brands are at least 3 times that price! 

Time to shop,                              

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#foodhype - Sushiro Premium Sushi Bar at Thomson Plaza

Once again, another food dish went viral thanks to social media and queues are forming. Photos of this particular Bara Chirashi Donburi have constantly been appearing on our instagram feed, colourful pieces of raw sashimi topped with ikura (salmon roe) and sprinkled with spring onions. Definitely insta-worthy. But what really caught our attention is this Premium Bara Chirashi Don which has sashimi cubes piled up like a mountain. I’m personally not a fan of raw food so i can’t really comment much about the overall taste but i still decided to visit the store at Thomson Plaza since they serve cooked food as well. Arrived at about 6.30pm (this place is not really accessible tbh) and there was already a long queue, despite signs saying “No queuing beyond this point”. Queued for about an hour, and got the counter seats. 
As you can see from the above photo, the store isn’t exactly very big, probably about 7 tables and several counter seats. We knew exactly what we wanted to order (well… we had an hour or so to think while queuing…) and since we got the counter seats, we could see the kitchen preparing our food (and it gave me really nice background for my photos, blessing in disguise LOL) the food took about just 10 mins to arrive after we ordered - which i consider really fast. 
For those who don’t eat raw, don’t worry. Like i said earlier, there is a cooked food menu as well. I had one of their specials - Glazed Duck Don ($14.80) Thick slices of duck torched upon order served with onsen egg. Simple yet delicious, recommended for those who are not there for the signature chirashi don. I truly enjoyed it. Other than this glazed duck don, there are the usuals jap food like Grilled unagi don, Chicken Katsu don and Grilled salmon don. 
The super worth-it Bara Chirashi Don ($12.80) that most people queued for. Generous serving of mixed marinated sashimi such as salmon, tuna, salmon roe, octopus and prawn, i would say this bowl looks really worth it at $12.80! But if you are looking for something more adventurous and worth your 1 hour queue, you might want to consider… 
The one that probably caught your attention on social media - The Premium Bara Chirashi Don ($22.80) which contain the usual sashimi cubes but on top of that, it has salmon belly, scallops, prawn tako and it’s piled up like a mountain. The first question that would come up to most people’s mind would be to question if the sashimi is placed on a mountain of rice but the answer is no. The portion of the rice remains the same and that mountain is full of goodness.

The portion is so much that i think it should be shared among 2 people.

And now, the most important question - Is this worth the 1 hour queue? Well, based on the feedback that i got from my 2 friends who had the chirashi don, the answer is sadly no. The portion is generous, the variety is good but taste wise, not bad but not that awesome as well. Or maybe i should rephrase such that you can try queueing once, but definitely not again. Anyway, there is the takeaway option so you can always drop by and grab their takeaway pre-packed Chirashi don without queueing. Then go to the nearby Starbucks and have it there with your friends instead. LOL

Not sure how long the hype is going to last and now it makes me wonder how Creamery is doing (if you remember a couple of post back i shared about then) II just got an update that the crowd at Sushiro is usually over the dinner hours and weekend, not so much on a weekday so you might want to try your luck? 5 more months to my Japan trip!

Opening Hours:
11.45pm - 2.15pm
5.45pm - 9.15pm
Closed on Mondays

Address: #01-113F, 301 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574408

Signing off,                                    

Friday, May 5, 2017

Day trip to JB: The Replacement, Bev C, KSL and more!

I wonder if you guys realised but i’m starting to update my blog more often nowadays, LOL Every weekend i will try to find some inspiration and think of topics to blog about and unless i went to some interesting places, or try new food (like my previous post on Creamery), i usually have to come up with a topic like the previous previous skincare post, and on certain ”lucky for me or not so lucky for you guys” weeks, it might be an advertorial, but rest assured it’s definitely gonna be of relevance and relatable. I will definitely not blatantly accept any 阿猫阿狗 advertorials or sponsorship :D 
 photo IMG_3774.jpg
So like the title suggest, this post is gonna be about my day trip to JB last Friday. I always loved going across the border to JB because of the food, the malls and probably the only thing that matters to most people - the exchange rate. There are several ways to go over to Jaybee like driving in, taking the train (something that i would like to try someday), hiring a private car from Bugis or the option that i’m using so far - taking the public bus from woodlands. 

The only downside about taking the bus is that the amount of time needed to enter Jaybee is based on the crowd. From Woodlands interchange to Woodlands custom is still not that bad, it’s only when you arrive at the JB custom to get your passport chopped. There was once i queued almost 2 hours and recently my friend queued for 3.5 hours! Then again, it all depends on timing. Usually it gets really crowded over the weekends and public holidays. Weekday not so much, probably 10 to 15 mins queue and you will be inside City Square. Total about an hour from woodlands to JB. 
 photo IMG_3791.jpg
Went in around lunch time so for brunch/ lunch, i brought everyone to the Cafe hopping area (Jalan Dhoby) which is walkable from City Square, to one of my favourite cafes - The Replacement. I love love love the overall white feel of the cafe and the food is good as well. The awesome thing about dining/ shopping in JB is that even though the price of the item may reflect the same amount as in SG, it’s the exchange rate of RM3.15 is to SGD1 that changes the whole game. Typical brunch instagrammable brunch menu and the food is really not bad in terms of taste and presentation. 

Some notable food items to try - Soft Shell Crab Bao, Chef Salad with Avocado, Croque Madame and their churros with dark chocolate or Salted egg yolk dip. 
 photo bevC.jpg
Honestly, it felt really good to spend a weekday at a cafe, comfortable seat and good food. After having a hearty brunch, we decided to hop to a nearby cafe for coffee so i recommended Bev Cafe. Never had a chance to visit Bev C despite being to Jaybee so many time, i have also seen photos of their espresso cube so thought we should head over to try it out since we are looking for coffee. Just note that the cafe is on the 2nd level. First level is their retail store. 
 photo bevC2.jpg
I have no idea why i didn’t take a photo of the espresso cubes (probably because i didn’t think i would do up a post on the trip, lol) BUT i took photo of my pretty drink and the 2 cakes that we ordered. Firstly i would like to share that the expresso cube drink wasn’t amazing (based off the comments of the 3 expert coffee drinkers that i went with) The ratio of coffee to milk was unbalanced. But on the other hand, i really love my drink that i ordered. I really want to share more about this drink but i searched everywhere online for a good 15 minutes to get the name and what it contain but to no avail. Bev C ah, if you are reading this, can you at least put a copy of your menu somewhere online like your website or FB??? Anyway, my drink was really pretty in terms of aesthetic and refreshing when it comes to the taste. It was quite citrus-y with slices of Japanese cucumber in it and to top it off, watermelon ice cubes. Love it 
 photo IMG_3773.jpg
Ordered the pretty cakes as well. Had the Earl grey lavender dark chocolate dome cake, taste wise quite meh but it’s super chio and instagram worthy, LOL The other one we ordered is the Dark chocolate peanut butter. I honestly prefer the latter, but taste wise both are just pretty normal and they are not exactly very cheap also. For read on more cafes, you can read 

After which we took a GrabCar over to KSL Mall, another mall which i frequent whenever i’m in JB. At one glance, there seem to be nothing much inside the mall but what i enjoy would be the basement where they have a lot of food and supermarket (so auntie, lol) and also the top level where they sell all the electronics like handphone covers, cables, power banks etc. Not only that, there is also a cinema, quite a number of hair salons, nail parlours for the ladies and also massage. Also, if you are there on a Monday evening, there is a pasar malam just right outside the mall, it stretches forever, like never ending and they sell all kind of stuff like food, toys, bags, kitchen utensils and even live fishes. Some notable food to try: Muah Chee and Carrot Cake! Read more on this KSL Pasar Malan: 
 photo taman sentosa.jpg
Last but not least after our shopping and massage (RM60 for foot and upper body massage) at KSL, we took another GrabCar to Taman Sentosa or what they call - “大馬花園” to have tze char dinner at Hiang Kee Seafood Restaurant! One thing i notice about the GrabCars in JB is that the drivers don’t really know their way but they will still accept the booking and depend on their GPS to bring you to your destination. If you are looking for cheap and good zi char place in JB near KSL, you can consider searching - “Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia” for reference.
 photo IMG_3775.jpg
What i really like about eating here is the quality of the food as well as the price. Let me least down the food that we ordered that night for the 4 of us - Yam ring, Butter Crayfish (0.5kg), Kailan, Kar Cheong chicken, Fried you tiao with sotong paste and prawn eggs. Total price? RM95 which is equivalent to SGD30, less than $8 per pax for this amount of food. Where to find such cheap and good tze char in Singapore?! After the dinner you can also go opposite to have durian or if you are there late, you can go to the same area to have lok lok. 

That’s all for my day at Jaybee. I wished we had more time because it was already quite late when we return back to City Square and the shops were already closing. Before i end this post, remember to get the Roti boy coffee bun as you walk back towards the immigration building, it’s super good! You should be able to smell it from a distance away, HAHAHA Time to plan my next trip to Jaybee! 

Till the next post,                                          

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#foodhype - Exploding Lava Cookie, Creamery

Recently there is a influx of short “buzzfeed” style 1 minute videos which introduces new food hype and places, and it was adopted by local bloggers and platforms such as ladyironchef and etc and i have to say i really enjoy watching these snippets and i tend to save the links of those really interesting ones for “future reference”. LOL

Recently i came across this video on Facebook:

The video made me want to head down and try it! I On a side note, i feel like i have seen/ heard about this lava cookie somewhere sometime last year but i can’t remember where it is. Anyway, last weekend my friends and i was at town deciding where to have dinner/ dessert and we decided to make a trip down to Creamery to try this lava cookie hype!   photo IMG_3667.jpg
139 Tyrwhitt Road #01-03, 207557 - Nearest MRT: Lavender

I’m not sure if they just opened, relocate or have been there for the longest time but apparently the FaceBook video that went viral brought in the crowd (thanks to the power of social media) I overheard the uncles from the convenient store beside asking each other what happen to Creamery and why the sudden influx of customers, LOL #mystery

The outlet was a little small and could only accommodate about 5 tables, definitely not enough to cater for the sudden hype. I had to wait about 25 mins for a table and i overheard the staff telling the people who came later that they have to wait up to an hour or so for a table. (One reason is that the cookies are baked upon order and we were told it takes about 15 to 20 mins to bake…) I also felt that they were not ready to handle the crowd as they seem rather shorthanded as well. Perhaps they didn’t expect the video to go viral? LOL Suggestion: maybe more tables outside as well?
 photo IMG_3665.jpg
With that aside, the menu offers 5 cookie sets and each comes with a scoop of ice cream. Once the cookie are baked, the staff will bring the little hot pan to your table and drop a scoop of ice cream of your choice on the cookie to create the “overflowing lava” effect. I was actually quite amused by how almost everyone started whipping their phone when the food arrives at their table and requesting the staff to pose for their photos or to drop the ice cream on their cue (mostly for instagram boomerang, lol) I just had to ask the staff if they get these requests a lot and the answer was yes, but only recently after the FB video went viral. A couple of cookie sets were not available that day so we ordered:
 photo IMG_3671.jpg 
“Choc a lot” with a scoop of Piko Piko (Coffee Tiramisu) 
 photo IMG_3677.jpg
“Monster Matcha” with a scoop of Berry Cheese Cake 

Other than these 2 ice cream flavours, they also have other interesting flavours such as the Super Baby Milk Power (which really taste like baby powder) and Thai milk tea. I would say the combination of hot (being the “lava” and cold (ice cream) was quite matching and the warm cookie tasted really good! For less than $10 a set, i would consider it affordable. To conclude, i would say this is just another food hype in SG. One of those dessert place you try once and probably won’t return again unless you are near the area.

Update 1: I just read that Creamery originated in Bangkok and they already have outlets in JB and Bangkok as well! Wait. If they have been around for the longest time, how is it that they only went viral in SG like recently???

Update 2: The place was really crowded that night i went because it was a weekend. Typically weekday (especially in the afternoon) there is minimal crowd so that’s probably the best time to head down if you want to try their cookie sets.

Creamery Boutique
#01-03, 139 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207557

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm
Closed on Thursdays.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

High tea in singapore like a "tai-tai"

Recently over the weekends, i went for a couple of high tea sessions and i realised these sessions are really good for catching up with friends or just to spend a relaxing afternoon with your loved ones. These high tea sessions usually comes with a set which you can share amongst 2 to 3 friends and the amount of food is usually more than enough simply because, 1. you probably had your lunch before the tea session or 2. you are gonna have your dinner a couple of hours later so you probably not want to make yourself so full that you can't have dinner after.

Each session can last about 2 hours or so because it’s not all about eating the food but also creating conversations and the food are like “fillers” in-between and if the food is good, it can also be part of your conversations as well. Now that social media plays a big part in most of our lives (i almost type lies, lol), you probably spent the first 30 mins taking photos or #selfies, editing them on the spot before sharing the “tai tai” lifestyle on your instagram and/or Facebook.
 photo IMG_3219-tile.jpg
One of the cheapest tea set which was recommended by my friend, Leedia. Fosters offers this “Devonshire Cream Tea Set” which is available daily from 3pm to 5.30pm and for only $11.50++, you get freshly-baked scones, home-made strawberry preserve and cream, a slice of cake, finger sandwiches and also a choice of coffee or tea. (I got mine changed to hot chocolate without any additional charge)

Finger sandwiches and cakes are pretty much normal but the highlight of the set are definitely the scones which are served warm, crusty on the outside, soft inside and absolutely delicious when paired with the strawberry jam.

Tucked at a corner of Holland Village, Fosters is really a “hidden gem” for tea time (not so sure about the rest of the menu) and the ambience and setting of the restaurant gives a very english rustic vibe. (I even chanced upon a group of french maid cosplayers having their tea session in the restaurant on a Sunday, LOL) If you are looking for a somewhere with value for money high tea set, i guess this is the place. 

 photo IMG_3493.jpg
I first know of L’eclair by Sarah Michelle when i chanced upon their ads on Facebook and a few months back, one of my colleague mentioned that she was going for this high tea which requires booking at least a week in advance and it turns out to be L’eclair by Sarah Michelle. So last weekend i went for their $60 nett high tea set (it was $50 previously but it increased due to a change of menu - more savoury, less sweets) Booked about 3 weeks in advance. The high tea sets are available from Tuesday to Sundays with 3 seatings a day.
 photo IMG_3484.jpg
The high tea set came in 3 tiers. The top and bottom tier were savouries and middle tier were 5 of their famous Eclair (mini) and the set also came with choice of coffee/ tea for 2. I changed mine to hot chocolate with no additional cost.
 photo IMG_3472.jpg
The assorted mini eclairs were good, especially the Ispahan (which consist of Rose, Lychee and Raspberry) and the other was the 66% dark chocolate. These 2 are my favourites amongst the 5. But what i really enjoyed was the Truffle Egg Mayo Choux Puff (i wish there were more!!!) and their Signature chicken and Bacon Pie. It was good that i would actually consider walking over from Dhoby Ghaut just to get the full sized version. For this $60 set, i would honestly say i prefer the savouries over the sweets.

Find out more on their high tea set:

After trying out 2 different high tea sets and living the tai tai lifestyle for a couple of Sundays, here are the other 2 high tea sets which i think are reasonably priced and would probably make a trip down to try them out soon.
 photo 6693023697_99cb34c0b2_z-tile.jpg
(Photo credit: sethlui and

Afternoon Tea at The Marmalade Pantry from 3pm to 6pm daily. The set is priced at $38 for a set that serves 2. Compared to L’eclair, this is much cheaper but i’m not sure if the food is as good/ premium. You get 2 pots of Gryphon teas, range of finger sandwiches, scones, strawberry preserve and cream, and not only that the set also comes with choice of any 2 cupcakes. I guess i have to find out myself if the set is worth the $38.

The other one i found was Afternoon Tea at Lime, Parkroyal on Pickering Hotel. It’s priced at $42++ for a set with one serving of coffee andtea or $48 for a set with unlimited serving of coffee and tea. Each set serves 2. Now that i think about it, L’eclair seem rather pricey at $60 for 2 leh.
 photo afternoon-tea-canapes-profiteroles-tarts---1200X630.png

They call their afternoon tea set “Tiers of Joy” So punny, lol. Once again, 3 tiers of both savoury and sweets. Available daily from 3pm to 6pm. in photos, the food looks really good and and premium, especially how they describe it on their website. There is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cup with Gianduja Chantilly (no idea what the last 2 words means but it must be good since they must mention it) and the Peking Duck Duxelles encased in Profiterole. (Peking duck wor. lol) The environment seem not bad, after all Lime is located inside the hotel so how bad can it be right.

Do let me know via my social media platforms like twitter or instagram if you have any recommendations for high tea! I can totally get used to this tai-tai lifestyle, HAHAHA If you are looking for places to catch up with a few friends and want a nice environment, you can consider going for high tea sessions! *wink* That’s all i have for this post, till the next!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

7 facial products i use! #men

You know how we are told we should take good care of our skin when we were young? I used to be one of those really lazy people who doesn't use any facial products and by washing face means literally rinsing with water or when water "flows" through your face when bathing, but thankfully i was blessed with not-too-bad skin, even when going through puberty. At the most i will get a couple of pimples here and there (omg i hate those that grows directly on the nose!) and as i grow up, i realised how important it is to take care of your face with the help of facial products.

Before i go on, i would just like to say this is NOT a sponsored post. Just wanted to share about the products i'm using right now, and "enlighten" those younger ones reading my blog. I realised through my 8 years of blogging, one of the things i haven't been sponsor was facial and i think the reason is because i have all the while been photoshopping my photos. I mean if you look through all my archives, you will realise that i always have nice smooth skin in my photos! LOLOLOL Not like it's bad in real life though. Just a couple of pimples here and there once in a while... some acne scars cause by my itchy hands... Visible pores... Ok enough,  i shall not digress further.
Here are the 7 products that i use day to day and so far so good...

Then again, different products work differently on people, depending on skin type, sensitivity etc. I would say my skin is more towards oily. Oil blotters are super effective on me, meaning i can turn the blotter paper transparent after wiping my entire face, especially the T zone. It's super disgusting to see the end result so i try not to use it every now and then...
Bio Essence - Miracle Bio Water

I have been using this water mist for the longest time (i heard there is a newer version now, with like SPF or something but i have yet to try it) There are a lot of mist products out there in the market right now but i love this Miracle Bio Water mainly because it's cheap (always on promo, 2 large bottles for $29.90, LOL) and i feel that it really works in terms of hydrating the skin. There is this cooling effect, and it moists the surface of your skin, making you feel refresh and clean :)
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Do i still need to introduce this product? It's one of the best overnight sleeping mask around and honestly, it works wonders. Every other night i apply a thin layer over my face and the next morning my skin still feels bouncy and hydrated. I first know of this product when my friends asked me to buy it back from Korea (apparently it's cheaper there) and my mum also mentioned it's good for the skin as it purifies and hydrates the skin throughout the night when you are sleeping. I always get mine from the airport when i travel because there is this duo set at $60-ish?
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($80)

I first knew of this product when it first launched in Singapore a couple of years back and all the influencers were raving about it on their social media, probably #SP (if you know what i mean) but few months back i decided to get  a bottle at 80 bucks, not exactly very cheap but i could feel that my skin was getting better after a few weeks of using. My skin became smoother and more radiant as the days goes by. Each night i just massage a couple of drops on my face and allow it to work its wonders overnight. I just feel that the lavender smell is quite strong though.
Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser ($40)

Everyone needs a daily cleanser and mine turns out to be from Kiehl's as well. Basically it cleans the face (duh!) and aids in reducing enlarged pores. The little fine grains makes it feel effective as it exfoliates the skin as well. One of the problems i'm having is visible pores so this 2 in 1 cleanser helps me in a way, like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Good for lazy people like me, LOL. I make it a point to use it every time i bathe.
OXY cover

One of the cheaper yet effective pimple medication around. What i really like about this Oxy Cover is that it helps in covering up the pimples like a foundation. I just have to apply it on my pimple(s) and blend it with the skin around it and hey, it's not that visible already! The only con thing can think of is that it only comes in 1 shade so... it either hides your pimple or make it more obvious to others. The active ingredient - Benzoyl Peroxide aids in killing the acne bacteria and also helps in drying excessive oil. Very handy product i would say.
Neutrogena Oil-Control Hydrator

As i said earlier, I'm usually quite lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin so this is one product which i will only use if i remember, LOL. I use this hydrator which acts as a moisturiser that helps to reduce oil secretion and maintain a matt outlook throughout the day. It's oil free so it's very light on the skin and it's non greasy. I personally feel that it's quite effective and i always try to use it as and when i can or remember.
Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask ($29)

One of my favourite mask to use when I'm feeling hardworking. Usually i use those pre-packed mask which you can just put over your face for 30 mins and the job gets done (without knowing if it's really effective but nvm) but i love this Super Volcanic Clay Mousse mask from Innisfree! First thing first, it's very easy to apply. The mask is in a form of mousse so you just have to press a little onto your fingers and glide it over your face to cover every inch. This mask aids in unclogging your pores and remove impurities. Not only that i read that it also removes whiteheads, blackheads, and dead skin cells! Cheap and good, love it.

Like what i mentioned earlier, different products work differently on people so what works for me might not work for you so do try out different products to deem what is suitable for your skin type. Maintaining good skin is an ongoing process and it does take some hard work and discipline to do it, especially as it gets harder as you age.

To better skin,