Sunday, May 31, 2009

I share Youtube Videos!

I think this has got to be one of my best post ever! Or maybe not. Oh wells, Life is Hectic. School is boring. Everytime I feel bored in school, I will just type into my browser and search for funny videos (:

Here are some videos I would like to share, and they definitely can cure your boredom! Trust me, I have watched them like many times and I still laugh at them!

There are even times where I watch them in class and I laughed out loud! Everyone was looking at me thinking I'm crazy, but don't blame me!

P.s: Clicking on the video thumbnails will lead you to the video.

1) Bulgarian Idol - Ken Lee.

This young lady trys her hand at being the next Bulgarian idol by singing "Without you" by Mariah Carey! (She was determined the song name was KEN LEE) and she sang in Gibberish! When asked what language was she singing in, Without a doubt, she answered, English (: Confidently! AHAHAHAHA!

Funniness Factor:

5 out of 5: I could still LOL even if I watch it again and again!

2) Tuts My barreh

Gay-ish Korean singing Mariah Carey (What's with Mariah Carey's Songs?!) Touch My body. He totally change the lyrics and turn the whole song into something super funny! His Actions + His Singing + Subtitles + Random pop out of images = ROFL!

Funniness Factor:

5 out of 5: Very funny (:

3) Listen Beyonce (I found his name is 김동원 )

Yes, it's him again. With the success of his "Tuts My barreh", gaining over a million hits and 6000 over comments, he is back with his rendition of Beyonce's Listen. This time, with more fashion sense or should we call it wardrobe malfunction? Makeup, Bandana and shiny singlet, and his usual weird English (:

Funniness Factor:

4 out of 5: At least I think his singing is not that bad but still!

4) Power Ranger [Japanese Parody]

Still remember Power Rangers? This video is totally self-created with visual effects and such. BUT it just seem too real, It's totally like a REAL episode! But what's funny is how lame the power rangers are! Totally stupid Rangers! Marvelous editing. Kudos to whoever that create this video. It's almost amazing.

Funniness Factor:

3 out of 5: I just love how lame the Rangers are!

5) Titanic in HOKKIEN. (Not suitable for the young)

Before you click onto the image to get to the video, I must warn you that this video is not suitable for the young! (What?! You click already? Keep quiet then.) Don't watch it infront of your family with the speakers blasting. I warned you. Nah, there is no porn, just EXCESSIVE use of hokkien vulgarities! ROFL!

Funniness Factor:

4 out of 5: I love the part where Rose give the Scared face!

6) Mr brown show. Wash your hands too.

Mr Brown did a podcast, singing his own version of Wonder Girls: Nobody in Singaporean style and Jayden decided to put the MV and the podcast together. A masterpiece! Who would have come out with lyrics like that? Nobody but Mr Brown!

Funniness Factor:

3 out of 5: Singaporean style!

7) Lady Gaga - Pokerface on Ellen Show

Nah, this video is not funny. Just wanna show you how crazy Lady Gaga can be. From standing on the chair to play the piano to wearing that "Orbit" hat. One word - Addictive. I love her "Pokerface" and "Just dance", the tune just keep replaying and replaying it in my head! ~*Can't read mine, Can't read mine*

Funniness factor:

2 out of 5: Not really funny, but entertaining (:

8) Susan Boyle. I dreamed to dream.

Nah, it's not funny too. Before I actually watched this video, I actually read about Susan Boyle on the net, on the newspaper and such, I was thinking what was the hype about. Until I saw the video. It was touching and inspiring. I can almost feel tears in my eye, and I felt so proud of her. 100 million views in total on Youtube.

Funniness Factor:

2 out of 5: You might find it funny at first, but inspiring in the end.

9) ANdyStorm eating Chicken Wings violently.

A simple lunch at Ikea. Armed with only a stainless steel knife and fork, watch how ANdyStorm effortlessly rip his chicken wing apart (: Not suitable for the young.

Funniness factor:

3 out of 5: At least I think it's funny (:

(any recommendation?)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I wanna watch Hannah Montana - The movie!

Yayness! I got the tickets (:


I just realised today is the 28th! Which is the deadline for the Nuffnang "Vote for your favourite Hannah Montana: The movie Music Video" contest!

Now I'm left with *check watch* I'M LEFT WITH 18 MINS TILL DEADLINE! I really want to catch the movie! The movie is about Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) having the best of both worlds... now, she has to pick just one.


I'm left with 18 mins to check out 5 music videos and choose the best one that I like and describe why I like it best.

(Instead of like complaining here I should be watching the Music Videos!)

*10 mins later*

Ok! I'm back! and this is the Music video that I like best!

I feel that this song itself represents what the movie is about, from the lyrics:

"You can change your hair. you can change clothes
you can change your mind , that's just the way it goes
you can say goodbye and you can say hello
but you'll always find your way back home"

It just shows that no matter what you will always find your way back home, it applies in everyone's life. Right? The tune of this song is also very catchy! I think if i listen to it a few more times, I will be able to Sing along! I love all these Disney shows like HSM (:

The music video started with Hannah Montana staging a concert for a huge number of people, and in between are little clips of the actual movie which makes me look forward to the show!

Can I have the tickets please...

Catch Hannah Montana: The movie when it hits Singapore Cinemas on 4th June 2009!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lunch @ Ikea Tampines

When you read the title, maybe some of you might go...

Who would have thought of going to Ikea for lunch?! What is there to eat at Ikea? Got nice things to eat at Ikea meh? Isn't Ikea a place to browse furniture? ++

Going to Ikea aren't all about furniture, furniture and Furniture. This post might just change your mentality. Have anyone of you ever ate at Ikea before?

I was quite free that day, (which is like a month ago!) So I asked Claire if she is interested, and the next thing we knew, we were heading for the Ikea @ Tampines. Located at... (Shit, school's internet is down! How to search!)

Ooo, lucky I still have the receipt! Located at 60 Tampines North Drive 2 is the Tampines Ikea (: Actually I never thought of blogging about this whole "Ikea trip", but since I brought my camera that day, Might as well...

Then I thought of sharing my trip to Ikea with you all (:

Backing to the story, Feeling hungry, we went straight to the 2nd level towards the Ikea Restaurant and was greeted by a menu board which shows the special meals they had for the day. BUT what I was aiming for was actually the Chicken Wings!

In case you haven't ate at Ikea before, this is how the whole "ordering" process goes (: First we have to grab a trolley and put trays on it for our food, and push it along the queue. (Sound like my Restaurant City!!!)

Basically we can just take anything from the shelves/ fridge (including cups, utensils etc) and put it on your tray, there is different types of food such as Salad, Pies ++

After which, you will reach another long stretch of counter to order your "Cooked food", this is where the rice... noodles... Chicken Wings comes in (:

And after you get everything that you want, you proceed to the Cashier to make payment (: That day was quite crowded as it was a public holiday, so here is a basic idea of the crowd. It was quite difficult to find a table :(

A lot of people hor?It's like FULLY PACKED.

Oh ya, here is a photo of me pushing the trolley while waiting to make payment (: I like to act cute, cannot ar?! Anyway I don't even need to act lor *flicks hair*

After making payment, going to our seats, it's time to EAT, nah. I'm a Blogger, and what blogger normally do is to Snap away for a good 15 mins before we eat!

RAWR. Can't wait to eat! (The woman behind is so Suay to look into my camera. I have to do something. Bet she must be super hungry lor, can see from her Sian face) Haha! I'm feeling so evil, imagine if she reads my blog! *Shocked face*

Alright, here are the things we ordered. There is a Kid's Fish Burger Meal ($2.90), What! Is there a rule which says only KIDS can eat kid's meal?! There is also 6pcs HUGE chicken Wings ($7.50), Chocolate Mousse ($1.50) and Free Flow Soft drinks at $1.50 (: Everything for only $14.50!

Although it doesn't sound a lot (or maybe it does), but it's super filling! And it's difficult to eat chicken wings glamly without using hands!

Claire was pretending to be viewing her photos on her camera, but she was actually FILMING ME EATING MY CHICKEN WING! The video turn out quite funny (:

I totally did not expect her to be filming me lor! I was still happily cutting up my Chicken Wing, and after cutting it up, and eating it, I was giving the Shuang face! and when she announced she was actually filming, I was like OMG! Luckily it turn out QUITE alright (: of course, after abit of editing here and there :/

With the "We-should-not-waste-food" attitude, we managed to finish everything, and was feeling super full! It's the best time to check out those soft comfy Ikea showroom Sofas :/ Btw, their showroom are so cozy! I want a room like that!

I forgot to say how nice the Chicken Wings were! They are really really really nice!

Alright, that's all (:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Star Trek Gala Premiere!

This event happened like some time ago :/ Didn't get the chance to blog about it until now. I got invited by both OMY and Nuffnang for the first Star Trek Gala Premiere but I rejected the Omy side, Sorry Omy, I still you! (If I know I should have accepted both side and get 4 tickets like Sab!)

When I first heard of Star trek, I wasn't really anticipating to watch the movie because Star trek sounds totally boring to me , but since it's free and the rest are going, might as well catch it (:

This event was quite "star-studded" as almost all the Singapore's top bloggers were invited. It was like a gathering session, haha! Almost everyone was there!

Without further ado, let the photos do the talking (:

Since I get a pair of tickets, I decided to bring Alton along (:

Sabrina and Priss (:

Winnie and Peggy (: The pretty sisters!

Shawn was there too (:

Esther (:

Xiaxue! But Oh wells, the photo is blur :(

I totally didn't expect the movie to be so good. Like seriously.

I even watch the movie 2 times! (Yes, you did not hear wrongly, it's 2 times!) If you look properly at photos above, you would have realised that my clothes in the first photo with Alton is different from the rest! I went to both Gala premiere (:

I would rate this Movie 5 out of 5 popcorn!

Can you spot your favourite blogger in the group photo?

Click to enlarge (:

Friday, May 15, 2009

How YOUnique Are You?

Have you heard of Watsons You Award?

Watsons You Award is Back! and they are inviting you to join in this celebration of uniqueness and individuality and let YOU shine through!

There is a total of 8 categories for YOU to join!

Image too small? Alright, I shall go through each category then (:

1) Healthy Hair.

Do you have hair that gives you confidence throughout the day? Do you have Vibrant hair? Honestly to me, Healthy hair must be black (because coloring spoils the hair!), mid length for girls (over shoulder), and when the wind blows, your hair follows. Of course, it depends on yourself to bring out the healthy hair (:

2) Healthy Skin

Do you have like flawless skin? You can go to town without putting make up. You have like a million bottles of (Shit, I'm a guy! What do you call those things!) Erm... Cleanser! Moisturizer! Toners to protect your skin? This is the category for you (:

3) Sporty Physique.

Do you do Sports? Are you those Sporty type? You love exercising and outdoor? and if you think you have the sporty physique? You should go for this category.

4) Sunny Smiles. (Wait for image to load!)
Sunny Smile
When you walk into the room, Do your smile lights up the room? Just like me, don't believe me? Roll your mouse over the photo above. It brightens up right? If I really win, I would get... Ok, i shall leave the prizes to later. Hint: Attractive!

5) Flawless face.

Do you have a flawless face like Cheesie?

You may ask me, what is the difference between the Flawless face and Healthy Skin category. The difference is Healthy skin is shown on a natural face. As for flawless face, even if you have the worst skin, BUT you can cover the flaws with makeup or whatever, YOU can be part of this category. Sounds cool? Challenge yourself and win some prizes (:

6) Fit Figure.

This category is for the taut, toned and full of energy. There is a difference between Sporty and Fit. If you have the sporty look, you should go for the Sporty Physique category, However, if you think you have a Fit figure, you should go for this category. Show off your body man!

As for the last 2 categories...

Need I say more?

After reading about the Categories, are you all like keen to join (Wait till you hear about the prizes!) But before that, this is how you can participate (:

Make any purchase from Watsons to enter the category(s) of your choice.

Enter the contest through the Online registration form by submitting a close-up picture of your unique feature, a short write-up about it and a recent full length photo of yourself (: Registration would be from 15th May to 10th of June.

And if you are one of top 5 finalist in each category, you will go through a voting process from 18th June to 1st July, and the winners would be will be announced at the Watsons Health, Wellness and Beauty Award (HWB) gala dinner!

Before I go on about the prizes, let me just share with you how you can maintain or enhance the features to get ready for the contest!

All of you know that I wear braces right? (at least most of you know!) and I always smile/ laugh at the slightest thing. Laughing/ Smiling means I would be showing my teeth. How do I protect my teeth? Well, my secret is Colgate.

To be more specific - Colgate Advance Whitening toothpaste (: Which prevents stains, fights tartar, plaque and whitens the teeth in just 14 days!

Everyone that see my mum always tells me that she don't look like her age. You know why people thinks that way? It's because of her skin. She uses the Himalaya brand series. It helps to keep her skin healthy and glowing (:

Now is the exciting part, the PRIZES!

The YOU Award winners will become instant Watsons celebrities! Each category winner wins S$2,000 cash, 1-year modelling contract with GLOW magazine and 1 year supply of attractive product gifts.

Imagine what you can do with that money!

Last but not least, the Watsons You Award is...

What are you waiting for? Start taking photos and submit them (:

P/s: You Awards is only open to 18 and above.

P/s/s: You can find out more information about the You Awards online or go to any of the Watsons store to pick up a leaflet (Which has a $5 discount coupon inside!) T&C applies. Only original coupon allowed.