Saturday, June 30, 2012

Apparels and accessories from Qoo10! #SBA2012

I'm finally moving away from the digital section of Qoo10! If you realised, the past few Qoo10 post is always about digital gadgets such as the iPod nano watch strap, the wireless bluetooth iPad keyboard, cables, stylus, and recently the portable charger and wireless mouse! Not forgetting the DSLR bag! But while i was doing my online shopping for those on Qoo10, i was actually shopping for apparels and accessories too! But i wanted to wait for my buys to arrive (some took quite awhile to deliver!) before blogging about them so you guys get to see the item and read my reviews!

First up, i was looking through the men's clothing section and i saw Korean Men Fashion tees on discount at only $6.90! I immediately clicked on the link and was welcomed by a variety of really nice tees. Btw, here's the direct LINK to it!

If you clicked on the link and visit the store, you will realised that of course, not everything in the store was priced at $6.90. (I swear i would buy at least 10 tees if everything was $6.90 each, LOL!) What was on offer was this rather cute striped long sleeve tee with a pocket. I thought for $6.90, it's a definitely MUST BUY. You tell me where else to find! :D

Placed my order with an additional $1 shipping fee and within 2 days, i got it in my mail box!

I was quite surprised by how fast the shipping was! I was expecting it to be longer :D

Tried it on and was glad that it was of the correct size. The material was comfortable and basically, i have no complains about it! I'm so pleased with it! At just $6.90, it's definitely a steal. I saw another few designs which i'm really interested in! Now i'm considering whether to get other designs even though it might cost a little more. Highly recommended!!!! (:

Next would be a graphic tee store that i came across that was selling their tees at a discounted price of ONLY $2.90! It was quite hard to believe at first but i found out it was real! Looked through and these are the 2 that caught my eye!

I thought the one on the left was rather unique since i'm a fan of stars and bolts however a few days after i ordered, i was told my the seller that it was out of stock! So saddening. I was refunded the full amount though. Most of you might have seen the design on the right before. I think i saw someone wearing it in town before and i thought the design was rather simple and nice so i ordered it! HOWEVER, it's been almost a month and the tee is still on delivery. Why so long!

I've been looking for this tee for the longest time and i found it on Qoo10!

The store is under "Women Clothing" (they state that it's unisex) But if you look at the store, most of the apparels are for the female but i decided to take a risk and order this CPT America tee that i've always been looking for! Guess how much i got this tee for? ONLY $9.70. Once i got it, i quickly put it on and instagram a photo of it. Ever since then, every one has been asking me where to get it so here's the direct LINK to the store! OH YA! GUYS CAN WEAR IT TOO! :D

Delivery took about 2 days and right to my door step! This year's theme for Singapore Blog Awards is superhero so if i can't bother to dress according to the theme, i can just wear this CPT America shield tee to the awards! HAHAAHAHA

Random photo in the tee with my favourite gloomy bear

Have you ever saw an accessory on your favourite KPOP idol and wanted it?

I was browsing for accessories on Qoo10 and i came across this store which sells accessories that are seen on KPOP idols such as Big Bang, SHINee, B2ST etc, EXACTLY the same design! They even provide a photo of who wore what!

Being a fan of lightning bolt, i immediately spotted this lightning bolt shaped ear studs which G Dragon from Big Bang wore in one of his MVs! It cost $5.90 after shipping which i thought was reasonable. all the way from Korea! Worth it!

Shipping took rather long, waited about 2 weeks for it to arrive. Overall, not bad and it was of good material! If you are interested in getting accessories such as ear studs and rings of the same design that your favourite KPOP idol has wore before, you should totally check out this direct LINK to the store! One of the rings that i wanted was sold out. Boo :(

Last but not least, i ordered a pair of TOMS that was on discount!

Used coupons to save as much as possible and got a pair at only $16.98!

This afternoon, i was lazing around watching youtube on my iPad and suddenly someone knocked on my door and guess what? MY TOMS ARRIVED!!! I told myself i would only publish this post when my Toms arrive so that this would be a complete post! YAYY The shoes are currently still on discount now so you might want to check out the store! - LINK.

I'm so satisfied with the colour, delivery and quality that i'm considering buying another pair! The thing i like about TOMS is that they are super comfy and to wear them, you just have to slip them on + they match with most outfits! them.


2 things before i end this post!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Malaysian Food Street in Singapore!

Remember i did a 'teaser' post on the photo above about a few weeks back? I finally managed to find the time to edit the photos i took! Some of you did managed to tell me the answer but i bet most of you still have no idea where the above photo was taken! It was just a random day where i decided to go over to Sentosa for fun and just beside USS...

It's this place called the "Malaysian Food Street"!

Honestly, i didn't expect much from this 'street' but i'm so glad i brought my camera that day!

Once you step into the 'street', there's a sign showing you the different streets of Malaysia!

I totally love how they designed the place to be so vintage-y! To the exact detail, the shop houses, the road, the tables and chairs they used, and even the lamp post! Not only that, since this place is called the "Malaysian Food Street", of course there must be food that are famous in Malaysia! What is the first thing that came up to your mind?

Did you managed to spot your favourite Malaysian dish in the collage above?

The above are just some of the stores along the street! I totally miss the Chicken Rice Ball i had in Malacca! Was feeling kinda full that day so i did not try any of the food but i would definitely head back to try the food soon! I wonder if the dishes taste authentic. Anyway, be prepared to pay a little more than your usual Laksa or chicken rice because afterall, this place is located at RWS Sentosa and there are lots of tourist! Well, for the 'experience', i guess it's quite worth it (:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Now i can blog easier on my iPad! #SBA2012

Remember the previous post where i bought a stylus for my iPad through the Qoo10 mobile app? I ended the post with "Psst, i got something else for my iPad, just waiting for it to arrive!" and it finally arrived at my mail box! This is perhaps the last post that i'll be blogging about the digital items that i got from Qoo10, the next few will be on... You shall see ;)

I always tell my friends that the iPad is one of my best buys ever because it definitely changes my life. Ever since i got my iPad, i don't even bother to turn on my netbook. If i ever turn on my netbook, it's only for 2 reasons. #1: Photoshop and #2: Blogging. Other than that, everything else like Youtube, internet browsing, watch movies etc is all on my iPad.

By right, i could have used my iPad to blog too, but i still prefer the "traditional" way of typing on the physical keyboard compared to the iPad on-screen keyboard. Especially when typing wordy posts. (Any iPad users have the same mindset as me?) This is when i decided to try my luck in searching for a Bluetooth wireless keyboard for my iPad on Qoo10! :D

After searching for quite awhile and reading reviews, i decided to get this:


I even used a $1 coupon discount so this keyboard cost me only $17.99 with FREE shipping! By the way if you are interested in getting one for yourself, here's the LINK. I thought it was a rather good bargain since it's quite difficult to find a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad at less than 20 bucks at stores outside. Ordered it and it came a week later!

It came packed nicely, bubble wrapped. I was so excited that i ripped off the packaging, insert 2 AAA batteries (not included, thank god i have it at home!) and started trying to connect it to my iPad just to check if it works!


All i do nowadays is that i use my netbook to photoshop all the photos, upload it to blogger and save the post as draft. As and when i have the 'feel' to blog, i just have to grab my iPad and keyboard and start blogging! The amazing thing about the iPad is, everything loads so fast! You don't even have to wait for it to start up compared to a computer. All i have to do is just press the 'sleep' button, connect to wireless/3G and i can start on a new blog post! 3 cheers!


Throughout the past nights browsing the Qoo10 mobile app, i couldn't getting these as well :|

Was browsing at around 11pm+, Wireless mouse on time sale at just $4.90!

I thought it's a good time to upgrade my wired mouse to a wireless one since it's only $4.90! (you tell me where to get a wireless mouse at $4.90 in stores!) It's now so much easier to bring my mouse around plus it's much neater compared to having the wires dangling! It's now $8.50 on Qoo10 which i thought was rather cheap too! Here the LINK to it!

2600MAH Portable charger for my devices at only $13.85! Thanks to Group Buy!

I've always been using the "plug in" type of portable charger shown on the left photo but i always seem to have a problem with it. (By the way, this is already my 3rd one and it's not working very well. FML) I don't know if you guys have this problem but the 'pin' tends to get loose after awhile, rendering it useless unless you patiently adjust it to at a 'certain' angle -_- That's when i decided to get a different type of portable charger as shown on the right photo! :D

Thanks to Qoo10 Group buy, i got a 2600MAH (more capacity than the usual 1900MAH!) charger at $13.85! Even though now i have to bring an extra cable out, i think it's worth it since i know it won't spoil so easily. It's now available on Group buy at $14.95 if you are thinking of getting! Here's the LINK! There are a lot of types available on Qoo10 too!


Most of you won't know this but...

Do you know that the seller only gets the money after you click "Confirm Delivery"?

I was quite surprised when i was told this fact from Doris, the representative from Qoo10 during the briefing. Qoo10 actually 'holds' the money that we pay for the product, and when we received the item and click 'confirm delivery', they 'release' money to the seller. This way they are protecting the buyers in case there's a need for refund etc. Thanks!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Aunty, why you no appreciate?

I have no idea what made me want to blog about this topic but i just felt like writing a wordy post about it. But before i go on this post, in case you have no idea what's the latest "buzz" in Singapore right now, you should watch this video:

So what are your first thoughts after watching? Who is in the right, who is in the wrong?

Few days ago, i came across this video when someone shared this video on Facebook so i decided to kaypoh and take a look. I then realised it's an argument between a girl and an auntie over the priority seat on the train. Ever since the 'priority seat' or 'reserved seat' was introduced on the MRT, it's common knowledge among Singaporeans that one should always give up their seat for the pregnant, the elderly, the injured or those with children as shown in the image below:

Well, my stand would be - I'll never take the priority seat. If i enter the train and there's only the priority seat empty, i would stand. Even if it means all the way from Cityhall to Pasir Ris. To make it more kua zhang, even from Pioneer to Pasir Ris! (But won't be so suay de lah. Ok, shall not side track!) Because i believe the seat is there for a reason. I don't mind anyone taking the seat, but they must know when to give up that seat. Honestly speaking, the priority seat serves as an reminder to everyone that we should always give up our seat to the needy. Be it priority seat or not. Doesn't mean we are not taking the priority seat, we don't have to give it up for others. I think most people just don't get it.

Back to the video. Auntie ask for seat, girl offers to her (be it willingly or unwillingly) Auntie flares up and accused the girl for staring at her, starts scolding her and eventually took out her phone to try snap a photo of the girl. SERIOUSLY AUNTIE? People give up seat to you already still complain so much for what! Sometimes i can't stand these aunties who think they own the world. If they ask politely for the seat, i don't see any reason why people won't give up their seat for you. Most people would understand. The girl keeps quiet and stand infront of her, she started scolding her. FHL

Honestly i think the girl's tolerance level quite high. I think when most people come across situations like this, what they would do is just get off the next stop and take the next train. End of story. But this girl still continue stand infront of the auntie and let her scold until she cannot take it and start retaliating back with vulgarities. (Unleash the ah lian in her) Someone give her the 'Most polite ah lian' award for using the word "Please" before she hurl her vulgarities, LOL

The auntie still can take out her hand phone and take photos of the girl. I randomly asked one of my friend what he would do. He replied, "I would slap her" AUNTIE, WHY STILL MUST TAKE PHOTOS?! If i'm those violent sort, i would just grab her phone and smash it against the wall or something. I quite curious why the girl don't do the same by taking out her phone and snap photos of the auntie too. Oh wells, maybe she don't want to snoop to her level. HAHAHAHA

Anyway, i feel bad for the girl. (Maybe that's the reason why i wrote this post!) This morning i tweeted: "STOMP should have never been created. It just shows the ugly side of Singaporeans" Every little thing people want to stomp. Nowadays whenever i take the public transport wearing my uniform, i try not to sit down or if i sit, i have to stay awake and constantly look around for the needy and give up my seat for them - fearing that i might get stomp for 'occupying the seat' and end up in some twisted story. "Jump into yellow river also cannot clean" Army personnel are human too right? We do get tired also! The public look at us as if we are superhuman and we can stand forever *roll eyes*

That's all i have to say. If you have an opinion, do drop a comment below (:

Image credit to SGAG Singapore.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Using the Qoo10 Mobile app to get...

Latest update!

From 0000hrs to 2359hrs today, it's the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE ON Qoo10!

Do checkout the unbelievable sales items today! Other than shopping, there are 2 things you should totally do! #1: Grab the 5% discount coupon and use it when you checkout your cart. #2: Every time you spend $5 and above, apply for a chance to win the Samsung Galaxy S3! I'm off to explore the irresistible deals! Who knows i might win the Galaxy S3! :D


Let me have a show of hands how many of you are aware that there's a Qoo10 app on both the app store as well as on the android market? Well, you are not the only ones. Most of my friends thought they can only shop from Qoo10 through the website but i'm telling you now, THERE'S AN APP FOR IT! Is it good news or bad news to most of you? LOLOLOLOL

The good news is that you can now easily have access to Qoo10 on the go through your phone 24/7, and the "bad" news is that, most likely you will be spending more money doing online shopping! Sometimes before i sleep, i will browse through some of the special deals through the app and so far, i unknowingly bought 3 items on 3 different nights! :|

There was one particular night whereby i randomly though of buying a stylus pen to use on my iPod touch and iPad (especially to play the "Draw Something" game!) so i decided to do a quick search on my Qoo10 app:

Most of the stylus pen on Qoo10 cost between the range of $2.50 to the more expensive ones at even $12 (which is a combination of a real pen and a stylus, quite cool though.) But as i was browsing the group buy section where you can get certain items at a much cheaper price if they hit a certain amount of purchase, this group buy item caught my eye:


I was quite skeptical at first when i first saw the deal. The deal was, if i get the Micro USB cable at $1.60, i would get 2 FREE gifts - a stylus (that i wanted) and a photo charm aka dust cap. In my mind i was thinking, "Where got so good deal one!" I then went on to read the reviews (Remember my tip from the previous Qoo10 post? READ THE REVIEWS!)

APPARENTLY IT'S TRUE!!! BUY 1 GET 2 FREE, MUST BUY! /kiasu Singaporean

From the reviews, apparently the deal is really true. After adding the delivery fee, the total price adds up to just $2.60 which i thought was quite reasonable! (Taking into account that i wanted to get only a stylus at first!) I can just take it that i'm buying the stylus at $2.60 which is considered cheap + 2 FREE gifts + it's FAST delivery, YAYYY! /inception

I would say it's a breeze using the app to do my purchase, all i had to do was to input my details and i'm done within 5 mins. It's very easy to navigate with just 5 important tabs at the bottom of the screen. It's like the whole Q0010 website packed into this app! But of course there are definitely limitations, that one i leave it to yourself to find out (:

MY ITEMS RECEIVED WITHIN 3 DAYS! All packed nicely with even a little Thank you note

Playing "Draw Something" on my iPad is now so much easier with a stylus!

Gave my mum the FREE phone charm to my mum to hang on her iPhone!

Before i end this post, i would like to share with you guys something called the RouletteQ on the Qoo10 website! If you log on to Qoo10 everyday like me, do not waste this chance to reward yourself. All you have to do is "check in" every day to collect a stamp and a chance on the RouletteQ! Spin the wheel to win rewards such as coupons, Q-stamps etc.

Accumulate your daily stamps to get rewarded as well! I just got 3 bonus G-Stamps for checking in 5 days!

If you think you can only "check in" once through the Qoo10 website, you are wrong!


I was exploring the app and i saw this "Q-chance" option and i realised i can also check in on the app and each day i get a chance to draw a $1 coupon! Not only that, the 5th time i check in, i can draw a $5 coupon, the 10th time - a $10 coupon and on the 15th time, 3 chances to win a Longchamp bag! Just for checking in, how easy can it be? (:

Psst, i got something else for my iPad, just waiting for it to arrive!

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