Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rendezvous Gallery: Full House Cafe!

If you walked from Plaza Sing or The Cathay towards City hall area, you will definitely passed by Rendezvous Hotel, and subsequently see this colourful Mini Cooper parked at a "Porch" along Bras Basah area! Have you ever thought what is it about? Well, i went to do a bit of a research online and realised it's a theme restaurant called "Full House"!
Here's a photo of the colourful Vintage Aston Martin Mini Cooper that is too hard to miss!

After reading about the restaurant from a few online blogs, i told myself i must go checkout this place myself! So yesterday, i decided to drop by for a drink or small bites during tea time. I thought the above was the main entrance but i was wrong! Apparently, Level 1 is the Full house Bar and the actual restaurant is located on the 2nd level.

A photo with Mummy Tracy and Children Tony! The restaurant is designed with a theme such that it's divided into different segments of a house such as living room, dining area, bedroom etc and in the house are the full house family, namely Daddy Thomas, Mummy Tracy, Children Tiffani and Tony and their pet dog toy as hosts. Quite a cute concept.

I would suggest making a reservation if you are heading down during the weekend. My friend who went during lunch hour had to be on the waiting list, and when i went at about 4.30pm, i was told the restaurant is fully reserved + they are having private event till the night. But thankfully, they managed to get us a table that was reserved for 6.30pm.

The menu was creatively designed and at the back, there's comic for us to read while waiting for our food!

Camwhore while waiting for my drink and snack! At the background is Tiffani's bedroom! LOL

I took the opportunity to walk around the restaurant while the food and drinks are being prepared. You can see that Full house is a Victorian inspired house with furniture in shades of cream and white. Very well designed i would say.

Now here's Tiffani's delightful bedroom whereby you can find her bed (not in the above picture) and you can find fashion pieces, bags, accessories and such which you can purchase. Basically it's a fashion store in the restaurant, LOL

Ordered the "Mango + Grape Topped with Green Apple Jelly" special iced blended ($6.90) and also the "Iced Korea Lemon Citron Tea" ($4.90) The taste is quite unique but perhaps to some people, the price might be consider quite expensive.

"Full house Club Sandwich" ($13.90) Wasn't hungry but wanted something to bite so i ordered the Club Sandwich. You can expect Chicken, turkey ham, egg mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato and cucumber in the toast. It's served with fries and garden veggies too. All presented nicely. Great snack if you are looking for something that's not too heavy for bite.

Super love this photo if not for that woman behind me adjusting her dress. Wah laooooo -__-

Camwhore shot again, this time with my drink and the sandwich!

A 4 photo collage of the restaurant. You can expect to see these cute little plants everywhere which brightens up the whole place with natural lighting from the outside. Really like as if in a house, this place is so prettyyy.

This is the "balcony" which most people will come over and take a photo or two with the sheeps. LOL

Here's an overview of the restaurant that i got from their website -

For private functions, there's the "Entertainment Room" catered for a capacity of 70, set up by Daddy Thomas, which was being utilized for an event yesterday! I heard they do private movie screening and mini concerts too!

I guess when the restaurant is full, they can utilized the "Outdoor Garden" for customers to dine at too (:

Took this photo which i thought got a lot of "feel" But don't know how to describe the feel, LOL

Overall, it was a nice experience at Full house, with all the staffs being super friendly and nice. The concept of a house was also refreshing, i think it's the first in Singapore. A good place for a gathering with friends, and you guys can take lots of photos around the restaurants during non peak period. I think i will drop by again to try their main courses (:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Poulet - Amazing French Roast Chicken

I was reading Calvin's food blog the other day and he introduced this new French restaurant called the Poulet which is located at the new Bugis+. What really caught my attention was the Tiramisu dessert that was presented in a glass bottle. If you know me well enough, you would know that i've always been a huge fan of tiramisu and i'm still in search for the best in Singapore! So i decided to make a trip down to Poulet for lunch and of course, to try their tiramisu!

The restaurant was well designed with the ideas associated with the Eiffel tower. What really caught my attention was the phase "Amazing French Roast Chicken". With statement like this, i'm having really high expectations of their Roast Chicken. I expect to be amazed seriously, like literally feel like it's the best i've ever tasted in my 22 years. LOL

Smart use of integrating the menu and Eiffel tower. I'm impressed! Who would have thought of this?

Started of with the Mushroom Soup ($5.80) It's one of the better and more atas version of mushroom soup that i've tried. You can feel the chunks of mushroom with every scoop, however as much as i enjoyed it, i started to feel that it's too thick for my liking after consuming about half of it. Did not finish the whole bowl in the end. Oh wells.

The highlight of the restaurant - Poulet Roti at $15.80 for half and $28.80 for a whole chicken. Ordered a whole to share as it's definitely more worth it than ordering 2 halves (who would do that seriously...) I wouldn't say it's amazing enough but it was well done. The meat was juicy and i got it of the bones easily. Although it came with some sauce at the bottom, i prefer having it without it. Not amazing but still delicious. But almost 30 bucks for a whole? Hmm...

Order a side - French Fries which came in a tin pot. Rather cute way of presentation. Taste just like any fries out there but i think that day too much salt was mixed into it. Couldn't down all the fries due to its saltiness :(

The main reason why i came here - The Tiramisu ($7.80)

Honestly, i have no idea what's the size of it and when it first came, i was quite surprised the portion was rather huge! In fact, it can be shared among 2 person. I was not disappointed with the standard of the tiramisu, totally enjoyed it.

"I think i might just drop by Poulet once in awhile when i feel like having dessert."

That's all i have to share about Poulet! I'm no food blogger nor some food expert but just sharing my thought on the food. Will i dine at Poulet again? Well, for the tiramisu and to try out the other desserts, i might.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gardens By The Bay - OCBC Skyway!

This post is actually a Part 2 of the "Gardens by the Bay" post, if you haven't read Part 1, you can click HERE and you will read why i would visit this place 2 times in just one month. To make it short, i had leftover tickets from the previous visit as the queue for the OCBC Sky walk was too long. So this time, decided to have a different feel by going for the walk in the evening instead, enjoy the night scenery and hang around to watch the Supertrees light show at 7.45pm.

At evening time, the Supertrees will be dimly lit up as shown in the above photo!

As expected, there's a queue to go up the Sky way but this time it's a lot faster compared to the previous time i came! The previous time we gave up after queuing for about 20 mins but this time (20 mins), we are right in front of the lift!

The view from around 5 storey high (i think!) The timing that we went was just right as we get to see the sunset!

The 128 meters long walk that is suspended between the Super trees.

Hello from the Sky way! When you queued up so long just to go up, you would at least want to spend the same amount of time (or more!) on the Sky way to make the ticket price and the wait more worth it, LOL - which explains why there's a long queue downstairs since everyone will have the same mentality. Cause and effect, right? LOL

Act yi ge professional photographer and compose MBS and the Super tree in single frame, LOL

See all those people surrounding the tree? That's the queue. Each lift takes about 8 people up at one time, each trip up and down may take about 3 mins. Do the math yourself. Plus there's a limited capacity of people that can go up.

Super love this photo! So proud of my G2 camera, LOL

The night falls and everything starts to lit up. It gives you an avatar-ish feel actually.

The night view is definitely better than the day view. No regrets coming down in the evening

The light show begins at 7.45pm and it was quite enchanting with the music and lights.

Shall end this post with a pretty photo of the Super Trees light! ♥♥ 很美!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Travelogue: Bukit Tinggi Day 2

Here's the long awaited Day 2 of the Bukit Tinggi travelogue! Response from the Day 1 post was not really surprising, most people are like, "If you didn't blog about your trip, i wouldn't know such a place exist in Malaysia!" Yea, I KNOW RIGHT! LOL I myself didn't know about this place either until i read about it on Groupon and did a bit of research online. After reading this Day 2 post, you might feel that 2D1N is kinda rushed but trust me, 3D2N would be too long i think ;)

Early in the morning self timer shot at the balcony. #camwhore

First thing first in the morning, the most important meal of the day! Breakfast was included in the package. Come to think of it, this is the first time i traveled overseas and spent no more than 50 bucks (i think i spent more than $50 when i visit JB!) Mainly because dinner for Day 1 and breakfast for Day 2 is already covered plus we are scheduled to leave Bukit Tinggi back to Singapore at 12.30PM. (which is why i felt that it was kinda rushed. Less than 24 hours!)

Breakfast buffet spread was alright. Not really awesome but okay.

A bit of everything here and there, that's it for breakfast!

As mentioned earlier, our bus is scheduled to leave Bukit Tinggi at 12.30PM. We woke up at about 8AM+ which leaves us with about 4 hrs to complete whatever we want to do - for us would be to visit the Japanese Village (which is definitely a MUST to go since we didn't had time to go the previous day and it's one of the main attraction in BT), pack our luggage (was too tired the previous night) and have lunch before leaving. Does it sound like mission impossible?

Had a bit of time before the shuttle bus fetch us to the Japanese Village so we roamed around and continue taking photos after photos! Doing the typical "Welcome to _________ (insert destination name)" pose, LOL

One of the "remote controlled" shot. Can't see right! Definitely a right decision to get a remote for my camera.

- Oh, a horse carriage. I guess i will just lean on it and take a photo since i can't enter it -

I have seriously no idea what i was doing in the photo above.

The magnificent entrance of Colmar Tropicale resort. Grand enough to wow you for about... 10 mins or so?

Another shot with Angela at the entrance of Colmar Tropicale. Couldn't think of a better caption.

Say hello to flawless skin, sparkling eyes and defined jawline! Ok, i admit - Photoshopped. LOL

Photo bombed by the blue horse at the back. (Bet you didn't notice the horse until you read this!)

Finally the shuttle bus service is running even though there is a stipulated time stated that is arranged to fetch guests to the different areas of the resort but no idea what happened that day, the timing that the drivers gave us doesn't tally with the 'official' timings. Made us wait and roam around aimlessly for about an hour. WHY LIKE THIS ONE! :(

The highly anticipated Japanese Village! I read online that the place is designed according to the gardens in Japan. Our mission that day was to rent the Japanese costume and take photos with the gardens as the backdrop! By the way, the shuttle bus will only bring you to the bottom of the Japanese village. After which, you have to climb up this rather steep slope all the way up and walk for about 10 mins before reaching the gardens. Not really suitable for old people (:

Smile for the camera! You are in Japan! NOT!

Welcome to Japanese Village. What you can find in this village would be waterfall, Koi ponds and also a tea house (where you can spend a 30 min tea appreciation session for a fee) From what i read online, this Japanese Village is planned and designed by a Japanese architect, Mr Kaio Ariizumi and built by a team of 22 skilled craftsmen from Japan.

Just look at the details of the garden! It gives you a rather serene and peaceful feel when you are there.

One of the houses that sells Japanese souvenirs and snacks. Throughout our walk, there isn't a sign which lead us to the place where we can rent the kimono to take photos but we managed to find it in the end. 30 mins for about RM20.

The shop keeper helping Angela to put on her kimono. After which, all you have to do is to pass your camera to them and they will direct you to different parts of the house and help you to take different shots for 30 mins. If there's customers and they are busy, you can expect to take photos yourself. I wished we took for ourselves instead though...

I realised we should have took off our watches! Too 'modern' already! TROLOLOLOLOL

Throughout the 30 mins, the shopkeeper was like, "Here here, okay. Pose" *switch position* "Here here, pose and smile." *switch position* We basically ran around the house for 30 mins squatting and standing, smiling into the camera. She is damn kan chiong. AS IF their kimono will burst into flames if we didn't take them off after 30 minutes -__-

Heng, just when i thought we gonna spend the whole 30 mins in the house. But then, another problem arise. My camera settings are set for indoor so when we moved outdoor, the exposure went totally off. Had a hard time photoshopp-ing the outdoor photos so that they look nicer. This is what i meant by i wished we took the photos on our own...

The 2 outdoor shots which i really liked. Would be better if they are not overexposed, oh wells.

Another camwhore shot by the gardens

Here's something you guys don't see in the photos. For camwhore shots or shots with the 2 of us in it, there's a high chance it was taken with a wired remote control that i got for my camera before this trip! When i edit these shots, i will crop our the bottom part so that it looks natural. Never expect it right! Wished it was wireless though but ex!

Cleared the Japanese Village in less than 2 hours! Went back to the resort to visit the swans again.

The white swans and the black swans. They are quite cool actually

Our legs were tired after walking at the gardens so we went for a 15 mins/RM5 massage chair session at the resort lobby. Took a random photo with the armored guy too, he must be really tired standing the whole day. LOL

Had a bit of time left before 12.30PM so we decided to try their pizza store! The first day i came, i so wanted to try it so we told ourselves we must try it before we leave this place! So glad that we tried!

Regular Hawaiian pizza which was baked on the spot, super fresh!

Ordered these chicken wings which was SUPER DELICIOUS and presented so nicely!

The food took quite awhile to prepare so by the time the food come, we had to gobble down everything within the shortest time. (Did i mention we haven't really pack our luggage?) I wished we had all the time to enjoy the food! :(

Rushed back to our room and did our packing within 10 mins and met up with the rest at the lobby.


Bought really sweet sliced mangoes at just RM2 at one of the stopovers on the way back

Little kittens! They are so tiny and cute! Meow ~

Just like Genting trip, the coach will stop by one of these places that sells local products for us to bring back to Singapore! Had quite a lot of ringgit left so decided to see what i can get for myself and my family (:

The sampling counters are always crowded with these aunties that wants to try every single thing.

Random shot: Some of the products that i bought back.

Mad crowded. It's like every coach that is going towards the checkpoint will stop by here for tourist to buy things.

Basically in these 2 days, we had covered the main attractions in Bukit Tinggi which is why i said 2D1N would be more than enough for this getaway. If we reached earlier on the first day, we might even manage to cover both the animal farm and the Japanese village, which leaves us with the 2nd day to roam around to take photos and enjoy the food.

Would i recommend 3D2N? Well, there are other activities such as the flying fox and such so i guess there's no harm staying another day? Even if you have nothing to do, i guess it would be nice to get away from hectic Singapore and spend a couple of days at somewhere peaceful and nice with such a cooling weather. But if you ask would i visit Bukit Tinggi again in the future, i think the answer would be no. All i will say is, i'm happy to discover this place (:

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