Friday, July 27, 2012

What's the fuss? It's just 30 cents!

Ever since McDonald's announced on their FB page on their new Condiments policy few days ago, i have been reading tweets and Facebook posts on how people are going to boycott McDonald's until they change the policy. Honestly in my mind, i was thinking "You think they really care?" Just look at crowd at McDonald's! Anyway, here's what they posted:

As for now, there's about 625 likes on this post. I will go into the comments people leave on the post later, which i thought was quite funny thus triggering me to do this post! So in order to reduce wastage, McDonald's is introducing this 30cents for additional curry sauce. (Before i go on, i would just like to say i'm not a fan of the curry sauce and i do not represent anyone. Whatever written in this post is just my opinion.) IF McDonald's charging 30cents for each curry sauce they are giving out (obviously earning more), then that's something to angry about but wait, take a look at this:

This is the new condiment policy that McDonald's is adopting.

To me, i thought it was rather reasonable. I mean, how many curry sauce do you need for your nuggets?! Let's take an example. I order a 6pc nugget and i get 1 FREE curry sauce. BUT i feel that it's not enough, so according to the table above, i can ask for another one. So i have two. For those who are complaining, you are telling me YOU NEED MORE THAN 2 PACKETS OF CURRY SAUCE FOR YOUR 6PCs OF NUGGET?! That's a packet to 2 nuggets. Seriously?

I thought the table was rather idiot-proof and easy to understand for everyone but guess i was wrong:


For goodness sake, READ THE TABLE PROPERLY. Rephrase also rephrase wrongly. You will be getting 4 FREE curry sauce, and if you open your golden mouth and nicely ask, you can get 1 more. So a total of 5. Oh my tian. Some people just want to watch the world burn, LOL Yea, fast food are unhealthy so stop eating lor. Just drink curry sauce will do. HAHA

I forgot to print screen another comment. But it's something like this:


Someone's reply to the above comment:

Phew, this world has hope.

Let me emphasize again, you can still ask for a FREE curry sauce when you order an extra value meal. Just open your golden mouth and nicely. I mean, is it so difficult to understand the table above? and it's not like they are not giving out free curry sauce anymore. People WHO can (i use the word 'can') feel injustice are perhaps those who order Ala carte.

Like for example you always order a Medium fries or just a burger and like to have curry sauce to go with it. It used to be free but because of this policy, now you have no choice but to pay 30 cents for the sauce. That i understand.

What i'm frustrated about, no wait. I should use the word - amused. What i'm amused about is people don't read things properly before making judgement. Apparently that's the case if you read the McDonald's FB post on the policy. Out of 600 over comments, maybe about 80 is about them boycotting Mcd because they don't get curry sauce when they order a EVM -_- Maybe another 60 who "rephase" the table wrongly -_- x2. Hundreds complaining the sauce cost too much at 30 cents each -_- x3. Glad there are still people can understand the situation and appreciate the free sauce.

This is something McDonald's got to make sure on the other hand though:

That's all i have to say about this issue. Some of you might say because i'm not a fan of curry sauce thus i won't understand how they feel blah blah blah. Whatever, just appreciate there's still curry sauce available. Remember the time when curry sauce was not available in SG and everyone start this whole saga of boycotting McDonald's? Now it's back and see what happens? Enjoy your curry sauce. Plus, didn't anyone tell you nothing is free in this world anyway?


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Singapore Blog Awards 2012! #SBA2012

Totally didn't expect myself to be blogging about this event which just happened yesterday! If you have been following my blog for quite awhile, you will know that my shameful 'trend' for blogging about an event would be after 2 weeks or more! But since yesterday was a happy day (although sadly i didn't win in my category!) and the photos which i took with my Lumix G2 turned out quite nice and chio, i was quite motivated to edit them and show it to you guys! I must be one of the first few hardworking bloggers who blogged about the Singapore Blog Awards 2012! MUAHAHA *flicks hair*

This year's award was held at the Singapore Flyer and it was outdoor. Imagine the heat, oh my tian.

During registration, when asked which category(s) was i shortlisted for, i proudly said out the 2 categories! Hey, not everyone was so lucky to be shortlisted in 2 out of the 13 awards okay! Aiya so what, but still never win. LOL

Super bloggers! This year's theme was Superhero so we are encouraged to dress up in costumes but i decided to turn up in a simple Superman tee! Love the backdrop and the props which made the photos so much more interesting!

Kudos to those who bothered to dress up in this super hot weather!

During registration, everyone was given this little booklet which shows the finalists in each category. Spotted myself 2 times! I would say the booklet was really well designed according to superhero comic theme! Collector' item, LOL

Strange characters was also lurking around. Wait, i thought Halloween is in October?

Camwhore with Fenny and Angie!

Before any award was presented, we all had to watch this video of the nominees. It's like 红星大奖, then they go "Ru wei de you~" When it comes to my turn, it was like - "ANdyStorm, You think i care what you say" LIKE A PAI SEH. Anyway, the very first award presented was the Gmarket Best online shopping blog. Honestly, i tell you. Behind that smile, I WAS SO NERVOUS. Now i know how the 'top 10 artiste' in 红星大奖 feels when they are below the stage, LOL

As much as i hoped to win, i was narrowing down the winner to be either Darren or Irene because they really did a good job on their Qoo10 posts. My heart was beating super fast and they announced, the winner was Kevin! CONGRATS. When the time to announce the Best individual Blog winner, i think Angie or Fenny turned back to me and say good luck, i was like, "LOL, i don't expect to win." Because i did not even do much like rally for votes or such. HAHAHAHHAHA

But still, although i did not win, a very big thank you for those who supported and voted for me, leaving comments, trusting my reviews etc throughout this Qoo10 campaign! I feel especially happy when people tell me that bought xxx items after reading my posts and thank me because they love it. All these little things makes me feel that it's worth it

I wished i won, you tell me how to checkout my Qoo10 cart now?! Just joking, haha!


Click on the image above to be directed to the official SBA website to see the winners!

Lastly was the Best Dressed Award! Once again, Kudos to everyone who bothered to dress up! Is that Loki?

After the awards, we were treated to a wide spread of local delights! SBA 2012 was held at the Singapore Flyer food trail which offers a vintage settings and offers lots of local food. We had Satay, Rojak, Roasted Chicken, Carrot cake, Hokkien mee, Satay beehoon and many more! What we did was to take a plate of each item for everyone to share!

Look at the amount of food we took! Had a really good meal as we were super hungry!

MORE PHOTOS BEFORE WE LEAVE! Love the vibrant colours

Everyone was entitled to a goodie bag too! Thanks OMY and the sponsors! (Photo credit: OMY)

Not only that, every single one of us was entitled a free ride on the Singapore Flyer!

Since we were full and lazy after all the food, hot and perspiring from the super hot weather, it would be really nice to take a rest and go on board the Singapore Flyer, at the same time enjoy the amazing view from up high!

Taking a photo of a capsule from a capsule. #capsule-ception, LOL

Being bloggers, we spend almost half the time taking photos on board the flyer! LOL

9 of us got the whole capsule to ourselves! Time seem to past really fast when you are having fun though :(

At night, we all went over to Marina Bay Sands to watch the fireworks from the NDP rehearsal!


One last group photo to end this post! SINGAPORE BLOG AWARDS, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Harry Potter Exhibition at Art Science Museum!

The exhibition has been in Singapore since 2nd June and will be here till 30th September and i finally found time to visit it yesterday! Honestly even if i had the time to visit when it first opened, i wouldn't want to go because all the crazy harry potter fans would be hogging the queue so i think best is to go at the later part of the period. So for the very first time yesterday, i stepped into the Art Science Museum. Always wondered how the inside look like when i past it everytime :D
By the way, sorry to disappoint you if you are looking forward to see photos of the exhibition because no photography was allowed inside. I thought of maybe secretly take some photos to blog but in the end decided not to. Integrity, LOL

Totally did not expect the crowd even though i went on a Saturday. Queued for about 15 mins though. A piece of advice, it would be much faster if you booked the tickets online because there's a lane for online reservation :)

Harry Potter Exhibition ticket at 20 bucks for Singaporeans! Remember to bring your id!

#Instagram of the day! The one on the right is the Ford Anglia seen in the 2nd HP movie!

Just before you enter the exhibition, you will be greeted with all the HP movie posters! It will make you feel like you grew up with the movie. I remembered i watched the very first HP movie at East Point (the cinema is no longer there) with my cousin in the year 2001! That's 11 years ago, OMG. After which we were led to the "sorting hat" ceremony where a few lucky visitors get to try on the sorting hat! They will normally choose the children, adults all got no chance one, LOL

The rest of the journey was magical. You get to see the different props and apparels that the characters wore in the movie. The different wands each characters uses, the books, the Quidditch robes, Golden Snitch, broom sticks such as the Nimbus 2000 and more! Life size characters from the Forbidden Forrest such as the Centaurs, buckbeak etc. The exhibition was quite short though, took about 30 mins or less to walk through everything. I honestly wish it was longer!

Last part was the merchandise store where they sell different kinds of HP stuffs. EVERYTHING was seriously overpriced. A chocolate frog cost $6 (i used to collect them, only $2 from popular), the "Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans" cost $6 for a small pack (you can get them from Candy Empire i guess) Maps at $60. A whole set of 5 wands at $350. They also have scarfs and more! I overheard someone say, "The price is ridiculous!" Well, unless you are a die hard Harry Potter fan, and is willing to spend that kind of money, go ahead. But i would love to own a Griffindor scarf though (:

Repeat after me, "Wingardium Leviosa

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Biggest wedding proposal!

This is the video i want to share with you guys!

I could almost literally feel her happiness!

Been busy with school assignments lately, will try to update again!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Consolidation of my great buys from #Qoo10 + giveaway!

For the past 1 month or so, i have been online shopping at Qoo10 and sharing what i bought with you guys and i was thinking why not do a consolidation post to sum up? Before that, i would like to thank Qoo10 and OMY for choosing me as one of the top 10 finalist for this year's Singapore Blog Awards for the "Gmarket Best Online Shopping Blog" category as well as for the $100 credits i get to spend on Qoo10! (although i spent way more than that in the end but still!) LOL
If you haven't been shopping on Qoo10, you are really losing out! Maybe you are still wondering what Qoo10 is, so i suggest you should totally read my 5 or 6 posts which i blogged on Qoo10! I will be providing all the links below later.

Here's a photo collage of some of my great buys!
Basically i covered the Fashion & Clothing category, Digital Mobile category and the leisure section of Qoo10! (that's not all! There's still more sections to explore!) Oh ya, and not forgetting to share special deals at the "Daily deals", "Time Sale", "Group buys" and special events like the GSS and Kiasu Sunday! Shared tips on shopping online at Qoo10 too!

Here are the direct links to the posts:

#1: Introduction to Qoo10 and i bought a iPod Nano watch strap! - LINK
#2: Getting a DSLR bag from Qoo10! - LINK
#3: Using the Qoo10 Mobile app to get... - LINK
#4: Blogging easier on my iPad with the Wireless Bluetooth keyboard! - LINK
#5: Apparels and accessories from Qoo10! - LINK
#6: Karaoke and BBQ steamboat buffet deals! - LINK

If you remember in my very first Qoo10 post, i mentioned that i bought 3 pairs of these cute BIG BANG socks and i will give it away to 3 of my readers? Here's how you can win either 1 of them! All you have to do is tweet "I want to win Big Bang _____ (Taeyang/GD/TOP - choose one of them) socks from @ANdyStorm!" and include a #Qoo10 hashtag!
An example would be "I want to win BIG BANG GD socks from @ANdyStorm! #Qoo10" As simple as that, to maximise your chance, i guess you can tweet 3 times with all the 3 members' name? LOL I will sort all the tweets into 3 groups and pick one lucky tweeter each and mail you the socks! This giveaway will end on Friday, 14th of July at 8PM! I will announce the 3 winners within the next few days through twitter. Alright, Start tweeting me now! (:
Nope, i'm not asking you guys to vote for me again. Voting has ended on 2nd July and i'm thankful that i ended up as one of the top 3 leading finalist in my category! I would like to thank every single one of you that voted for me every day. I will only the results on the awards day itself which is on 21st July! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Just a small gesture from me if i really win in my category:
If i really win, i would be choosing 5 of you guys through another 'giveaway' through twitter and the 5 of you will be getting a "Starter Membership" on Qoo10 each! Basically the membership comes with a S$30 worth of coupon book which allows you to save more when you shop on Qoo10! The coupons will be valid for 2 months! If you would like to know more about the Q-Prime membership, you can actually checkout this LINK! I really hope i get to give these out!

That's all i have. Hope you guys enjoyed my Qoo10 posts as much as i enjoyed blogging about them as well as the joy of opening my letterbox every single day hoping to receive something that i ordered! SO HAPPY when my items arrived!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

#Qoo10 Daily deal: I went karaoke at $10 for 2 hours!

Remember the previous post on the apparels and accessories? Well, the graphic tee that i ordered finally arrived after one whole month! Not gonna post the link here because i feel that the shipping is too long and the tracking no. that they gave for their reg mail doesn't seem to be valid despite verifying with them. Nevertheless, here's a pic of the tee!

The quality of the tee is not bad but the width is a bit too wide. Not very proportionate but looks okay though (:


That day i was randomly through the 'Daily deal' section of Qoo10 and i saw this Party World deal at just $10 per pax for 2 hours of singing with a drink and tidbits included! I thought it was a rather good deal. Have you ever had free time but you just have no idea what to do? Going for a few hours of singing session with your friends seem like a great idea!

Even if i had no idea when i will be going, at least i can get the voucher first since it's valid till 31 July!

Anyway, after i saw the deal i called Hui xin and told her about the deal and if she is interested to go singing with me PLUS Party world just opened a new outlet at Ehub which is super near where we stay, within walking distance! So it's like anytime we got nothing to do, we can call the outlet to make and reservation and drop by for 2 hours just to sing!


We were in the singing mood so i made a call to the Partyworld, downtown east outlet to make a reservation. At the same time, printed out the hard copy of the e voucher that i downloaded from Qoo10 which was sent to me after purchasing!

This was the first thing that greeted us when i entered the room! Hui xin and i was literally surprised and shocked! This is the first time we stepped into a karaoke room and it has a massage chair in it! Is Partyworld the only place with it?

The deal came with a drink and tidbits for us to munch on! I ordered iced milo

AYG stand for Act yi ge if are thinking what it means, LOL

One of the many songs that we sang throughout the 2 hours session! 那些年,我们一起追的女孩

Made full use of the massage chair! Oh, did i mentioned that's also a foot massager at the corner?

A self timer shot before we leave the place after 2 hours! Overall, i felt the 10 bucks was worth it!

Nowadays i keep looking out at the "Daily deals" section of Qoo10 to see if there's any bargains i can get! By the way, if you are interested in this Party World $10 for 2 hours deal that i mentioned in this post, here's the direct LINK (Apparently this deal is quite popular! So far as of the website, 1520 vouchers are sold already!)

Another voucher that i got from 'Daily Deals' was this $13.90 per pax for BBQ Steamboat Buffet at Changi!

From the description, this BBQ Steamboat buffet seem really good and worth it since there's so many food item to choose from. Haven't find the time to go down and try it yet but i got the voucher anyway since it's valid till August!

Just like how i redeemed my Party world deal, i just have to print out the e-vouchers and present it!

I haven't try the buffet yet so i cannot comment on it (we see how, maybe i will do a post on my visit next time) but if you are interested in this $13.90 deal, here's the direct LINK to it! So far 110 vouchers sold already! There are other food deals at the 'Daily deal' and 'Dining/ Cafe' section as well. There's sushi buffet, charcoal grill steamboat and more!

To be updated on Qoo10 latest deals and sale, i suggest you follow them on Twitter or "Like" them on Facebook!