Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wanderlust: 4D3N Phuket Travelogue - Day 3

There seem to be a trend when it comes to doing up travelogues. It's like whenever i finishes one travelogue, i'm most likely departing for my next trip really soon. In this case, i'm traveling to Hong Kong next Friday! Without further ado, here's Day 3 of my seriously overdue Phuket travelogue which happened last December! Just in case you missed the previous Day 2 post for whatever reason, here's the LINK to it. Like i mentioned before in the past 2 post, this getaway trip has no itinerary because we wanted it to be relaxing, basically no rush factor. For Day 3, we decided to spend the first half of the day at the beach! Just sun-bathing under the sun, and also to try out para-sailing for the first time! :D
 photo selfie_1.jpg
#Selfie to start off the morning before breakfast! I  Phuket tee which i got from my previous trip!
 photo breakfast_1.jpg
Love the buffet breakfast spread at our Deevana Resort, can never get bored of it. What i normally do during hotel breakfast buffet would be to grab everything that i want to eat, plates after plates and finally sit down to finish everything. I'm always surprised at my morning appetite when i'm overseas, LOL In SG, i normally skip my breakfast :|
 photo beach1.jpg
The awesome thing about our resort is that they provide towels, beach mat and a bag in every room for their guest to bring along to the beach, really thoughtful. Patong beach is about 15 mins walk from our resort but we took the free shuttle bus over! Got ourselves a nice shady spot, rented a mini umbrella (100 baht i think) bought drinks and laze around taking photos. Definitely one of the highlights of this trip because it was so relaxing with nothing to worry about.
 photo parasailing.jpg
Para-sailing was one of our main objectives of this trip so after we lazed around, we decided to ask around for the price and being tourists, we got quoted quite an expensive price so we tried to bargain till about 1300 baht (SGD$55) before we come to a mutual agreement. The initial quote was about 2000 baht/person (SGD$84) if i remember correctly! Super kua zhang please. We took turns to be on the boat to help each other take photos and Jing long even brought his Go-Pro camera up along with him! A bit scary though. Imagine you panic then fling the whole Go-Pro into the water, HAHHAHAHA! Para-sailing was an amazing experience, it feels as though you are flying. At one point in time they even lower you down till your feet touches the water before lifting you up again! The whole experience lasted about 15 mins.
 photo beach2.jpg
After the para-sailing experience, we continued to laze around to dry ourselves, got more drinks and ice cream. took more photos before deciding to head back to our resort hotel to wash up. This is the first time i enjoyed myself so much by doing practically nothing and just lying down at the beach. I think it can never happen back in Singapore though...

Walked back to our resort from Patong Beach, got a couple of smoothies along the way and instead of resting, we dived straight for the pool! There is an awesome pool bar where you can order drinks and they will bill it to your room's bill. Sounds pretty cool sitting beside the pool enjoying a drink, LOL (Did not order any as the drinks were kinda pricey...)
 photo pool.jpg
Bought goggles from the supermarket the night before so that we can take underwater shots with the Go-Pro inside the swimming pool, LOL. Apparently none of us can open our eyes in the water. Took like a gazillion underwater shots but decided not to spam them in this travelogue, So considerate right. You guys will probably just scroll through them lor!

As for our  night plans, i intro-ed to Jing long and Jiaqi this famous Simon Cabaret show which features a group of transsexual performing a musical in various genres/ cultures. Watched it the previous time when i was in Phuket and i thought it's not bad. Managed to get VIP seats at quite a decent rate after bargaining at one of the street booths, LOL
 photo show.jpg
At the end of the musical, the performers will line up outside the theater for you to take photos with them. Then again, you must give them min. 100 baht (SGD$4) tips for each of them. Some of them really try to squeeze into your photos even though you might not want them to and they expect you to give them the tips as well. Like you see the photo of Jiaqi above, she only wanted to take photo with the girl on the left but the right one just join in casually. In the end have to tip both of them, LOL In the end, Jing long and i took with one of the prettier and most popular one. MUAHAHA
 photo no6.jpg
Since it was our last night in Phuket, we decided to queue for the highly raved No. 6 restaurant that everyone say must try. It was raining that night so the queue wasn't that long. Queued for about 15 mins i think and got a table. Honestly speaking, the food was pretty decent, but nothing really special to me but it's very affordable for authentic thai food :)
 photo end.jpg
Bought some snacks along the way back to our resort, and took out the drinks that we bought at the supermarket. Spent the night eating and chatting till late. Last night in Phuket. I think we met our objective to make this trip a relaxing one, it's like a "healing" getaway for me from all the stress. Got an awesome accommodation, my 2 best friends, cheap food and drinks, and an array of relaxing activities. What more can i ask for!

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