Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wanderlust: 4D3N Phuket Travelogue - Day 4

It's like towards the end of April 2015 and i have yet to complete the Phuket travelogue which happened last December. I'm even back from my recent Hong Kong trip already, LOL I figured out that before i can even write about my trip to Hong Kong, i have to finish this travelogue first. So without further ado, here's the very last post for the 4D3N Phuket Travelogue! Then again, nothing much happened on the last day because our flight was in the late afternoon so we had only a couple of hours to ourselves before heading to the airport... I would say this is one of the more relaxing overseas trip i ever had. There was good food, good accommodation, good company, lots of relax time, what more can i ask for?
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Woke up for complimentary resort breakfast. Having the same thing again and again for the 3rd morning in a row but i'm not complaining one bit. In fact i wished i can have buffet breakfast every day, HAHHAHAH *dream mode on* LOL
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Since we had a few hours, we decided to take the complimentary resort shuttle to mall to do some last minute shopping, see what we can get with our remaining Thai bahts. I kinda forgot what we got in the end but i supposed we got some souvenirs and food from the supermarket. Wait, I remember buying all the different flavors of Pretz back, LOL

Went back to our hotel after shopping to re-pack our luggage and we decided to do a little tour around our resort.  Apparently the place is quite big but we never really explore the other areas. I would highly recommend Deevana Patong Resort & Spa! Not exactly the cheapest but i would say it's damn worth it. Especially if you get a deluxe room with private jacuzzi like us! (That is if you intend to spend time in your room, if not then don't even bother. HAHAHA)
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On top of the pool right outside our room (that comes with a bar) we found another pool at another side of the resort! It was filled with so many ang mo when we found the pool, LOL In my mind i was like, "so that's where they all are..." HAHAHAHA I only see them during breakfast! After checking out of our awesome room, we stayed at the lobby for some cakes while waiting for our car to pick us up to the airport. I will miss returning to our huge and comfortable room!!!!
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Had Burger Kind before boarding the plane back to Singapore. Look at our sad faces :(
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By the time we arrived back in Singapore, it was already night time. I think we managed to get really good timings for this trip. It's like we arrived in the noon on the first day, and our return flight is in the late afternoon and arrive back in the night. I think it's the most ideal timing for air flights! All in all, i would say we really enjoyed ourselves throughout the 4 days and even till today, we will randomly mentioned how we missed the relaxing days in Phuket where we just lie on the beach for the entire afternoon, practically doing nothing. Alright, that's it for my 4D3N Phuket travelogue post!

Next up - Hong Kong!                          

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