Tuesday, May 19, 2015

香港 Hong Kong '15 - Day 2

Rise and Shine to Day 2 in the land of Dim Sum! But nope, not having dim sum for breakfast. The day before i decided that the next day's breakfast shall be at the famous Australia Diary Co. I have been to Hong Kong several times and is quite familiar with the place (thus the solo trip destination) but have never been to Australia Dairy Co. I have heard so much about their legendary scrambled egg so i told myself i must try it this time round.
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47 Parkes Street, Hong Kong. Nearest station: Jordan. 

Didn't expect the queue to be so long but the turnover rate for the place was pretty fast. Queued up for about 20 mins and got ushered into the restaurant. Was pretty unsure of how to order so in the end i ordered all the items individually from the menu -_- Like 1 x scrambled egg toast, 1 x Ham macaroni and 1 x hot drink. Apparently there is a set for these items altogether at a much cheaper price, LOL I can't read Chinese for nuts. The food came really fast, item after item. The scrambled eggs was REALLY GOOD. No wonder people were raving about it. Although i am not a fan of macaroni, i managed to finish the whole bowl of it, it was not bad as well. What a hearty breakfast. Definitely worth the queue :D
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#OOTD: Rayban Shades | Uniqlo Basic Grey Tee | Jogger Pants from Temple Street (lol) | Nike Roshe Run | Kanken Bag
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First knew of this Secret Garden book online and i finally saw it at one of the book stores and was so tempted to get it. Then again, where got free time to do coloring. I wish they just sell the small version of the book instead of in a set...
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Window shopping at MUJI and saw this kitchen display. So neat!
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Looked all the place at Mongkok Sneaker street to get another pair of Nike Roshe (It's super comfortable i tell you!) but the black one i wanted was sold out EVERYWHERE, and the only available ones are in those limited edition stores, the price marked up at least 2 times! While shopping at Harbour City, i went into the Nike Store and I SAW THE SHOES at original price. Just had to get it no matter what. Even if i have to hand carry it back to Singapore. So happy to find it!
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I LOVE THE BLACK AGNES B CUP!!! I so regret not bringing it back, it's a paper cup by the way. I should have finished the drink, washed the cup and carefully bring it back. Tried looking for it at the airport on the very last day but couldn't find the outlet. #regret ttm. If only they sell the plastic/ recyclable version of it like Starbucks/ Coffee bean.
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Wanted to see how the original Jenny Bakery look like so i decided to drop by. The famous biscuit that you have to queue a few hours just to get a few tins. I remember the taste being pretty normal when i first tried it. The queue was quite short that day (i queued for only 10 mins!) so i decided to get a tin to munch on in my hotel room. Now i feel that the coffee one tasted really good, LOL Should have gotten a few more back to SG. By the way, if you are lazy to queue, there are a lot of unauthorized stalls in the area selling the same cookie at marked up prices. The taste the same anot?
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Went over to Avenue of the Stars to see the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong. Very nice place :D
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This is one stall that i would come back every single time i'm in Hong Kong. The char siew rice is AMAZING. Like the best i have eaten. Even if they ever increase the price to like 10 or 12 dollars a plate, i would definitely come back for it. LOL Really that good. Best if you order a sunny side up along with it and let the runny yolk flow through the char siew and rice. OMGGG. *salivates all over the place disgustingly* LOL I miss the char siew rice! Everyone should try it!!!!!!
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Went to this bar which my cousin's friend worked at for some drinks and food to end the night. That's it for Day 2.

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