Monday, May 4, 2015

香港 Hong Kong '15 - Day 1

" It's 6 pm as i'm typing this on this plane alone at my favorite window seat. The flight captain just announced that we are cruising at 35,000ft on the way back to Singapore. The past 5 days in Hong Kong has been a blessing in disguise. All i wanted was a trip to get away from all the stress, work and i wanted some time alone for "self reflection" or should i say "healing" in Korean terms. I arrived in Hong Kong on the 17th without knowing what to do, there was no itinerary, i did not have any particular place i want to go and 5 days unknowingly just past just like that. Time really flies. But still, it was still a fruitful trip to me.
I found out my Cantonese isn't perfect and there is still a lot for me to learn, LOL I made new friends, both locals and a few others from some other countries like Japan. I shared things that was always on my mind but i didn't dare to and i felt both happy but also sadness at the same time, it's like finally getting things off my chest. When i touch down in Singapore later, everything will be back to normal. But i will start anew, become a stronger person (both mentally and physically) Be more discipline and force myself to run to lose those calories that i gained from all the good food i had in Hong Kong. " - 21st April 2015, 6.15pm

I typed the above 2 paragraphs while i was on the plane back to Singapore. There was a sudden urge to pen down my feelings at that point of time so i took out my iPad and started typing. Halfway through, i looked out of the window and tears started forming in my eyes as i think back at the past 4 months. I wanted to write more but i lost my train of thoughts. Even till today i still think about it, it's not easy to let go of something that you hold dear to your heart. By the way, don't bother asking me about what happened because if i want you to know, you should have already know the story even before you read this post. People often say, "It's time to let go" or "Move on" but it's really not that easy... 4 months seem like a really short time but a lot of things can happen in that 4 months. It's back to square one now...

Brought my camera to Hong Kong but i ended up using my iPhone to take all the random photos throughout the trip. #fail I'm also not sure how many post will this Hong Kong "mini" travelogue will last but let's see how it goes shall we? :)
 photo 1.jpg
My flight to Hong Kong was scheduled at 10.10am on 17 April 2015. I spent the night before packing my luggage till about 3am, slept for 4 hours before waking up for the airport. Wanted to take the direct bus 53 from my place but the 2 buses that came was fully packed so in the end i called for an UberX. Checked in my luggage and off to find some food before boarding the plane. The feeling of going on a solo flight was kinda weird (even though it's technically not my first time but still...) By the way, the above shot is taken using a self timer remotely controlled by my phone. LOL
 photo 2.jpg
Had Texas Chicken burger, hash brown and a bottle of mineral water for breakfast. 
 photo 3.jpg
Total flight time was about 4 hours. I used to love taking the plane and i would specifically request for the window seat so that i can look out at the amazing cloud formations but now taking the plane seem like a pretty boring thing, it took me awhile to realise, LOL The seats are quite uncomfortable (especially for budget airlines and even economy for long haul flights) Anyway, i reached Hong Kong at around 2 plus. Got the Octopus card for transport and headed to find my hotel. This time there was no need for me to get a simcard thanks to VisonData, share with you guys more about it later!
 photo 4.jpg
Stayed at Silka Seaview Hotel, Yau Ma Tei for this trip. I actually made the booking just the day before via my HotelQuickly app. Prior to departing, i was considering whether to stay at a hostel, or stay with a host via AirBnB as accommodation can be really pricey especially when traveling alone. There were also a lot of considerations such as location, accessibility, security ++ In the end i decided to stay in a hotel and i managed to get a last minute deal room in Silka Hotel at a reasonable rate (after using the credits i earned from you guys via the HotelQuickly app! Thank you to those who used my referral code, hope you guys did enjoy your staycation too!) The room i got was basic but it had everything i needed. Small but comfortable. After all i spent most of the day outside and i only return back at night...
 photo 5.jpg
By the time i unpacked and lazed in my room, it was already evening and i was ready to head out to the streets! First thing first was to meet up with my cousin (who is working in HK) for dinner. I wanted to have char siew rice since i've been craving for it for the longest time so she brought me to this restaurant, forgot the name of the place though but the food was not bad. The char siew in Hong Kong is simply divine. Yes, i used the word - Divine. It's so different compared to those in SG. Even the best char siew in Singapore cannot be compared. You need to try it for yourself, LOL
 photo 6.jpg
Took a train to Mongkok after dinner and the amount of people is oh my tians. Sardine-packed.
 photo IMG_4561.jpg
 photo 8.jpg
Went sneakers shopping and saw these 2 Jeremy scotts Adidas shoes. So chio can!! But it's not cheap at all.
 photo IMG_3663.jpg
 photo 7.jpg
Queued up 25 mins for this famous yogurt fish-shaped waffle at Mongkok before walking back to my hotel.
 photo ootd.jpg
#ootd while waiting for the waffle. Ignoring all the stares i got from the queuing bystanders, LOL

To be continued,                  

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