Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nuffnang First Blogger Flash mob!

Yes... I'm like always the last to blog about events (again!) I think everyone that went to the Flash mob or the River festival would have blog about it ages ago!

Here I'm trying hard to recap what happen that day, choose the photos, arrange them in sequence. Just because I want to proudly blog that I attended...

Oh ya, before that let me tell you what this Flashmob is about! Flashmob is a big bunch of people gathering at a particular location, walk around like usual, and suddenly at a planned timing, do some crazy things together.

This time, It's the Silent dance *Shhh...* What we are going to do is... Dance @ Orchard road listening to our Mp3! Wearing Pajamas!

Met up with Shawn and headed to the empty space beside Heeren (: There were quite a lot of people queuing up for registration already, instead of queuing up, we went to the front to look for other bloggers we know (:

Only to be stopped by Jayden & Fabian for a interview!

Yes, we are already wearing our "Pajamas" :/

After registration and chit chatting, we were divided into groups, and I know most of the people in my group! There is Peggy, Shuana, Sophia, Roxanne, Esther, Shawn, June, Valerie and others! I think we are the most fun group among all (:

After dividing us into groups, Ming gave an opening speech :D

After the briefing, My team led by Huiwen was heading to Heeren, While waiting, we continue to take photos. Recognize the dog in the above photo? It's Pumpkin!

Valerie say I'm scared to hold the dog! I'm not lor! It's because I'm lazy to put down my things. Btw, Pumpkin is super duper small. Didn't expect it to be so small.
Soon everyone was crowding outside Heeren, waiting for the cue to start stripping! But everything happened too fast, the next thing we know...

Actors and Actresses dressed in real PJs start dancing silently!

After the whole thing ended, we went back to the gathering point and...

Continue taking photos! With Jessica aka Underage Girl (:

Jayden - Official Videographer! Great job on the video!

Group photo. It was drizzling, which explains why I'm carrying a umbrella.

Shawn, Alton, Sophia and me actin' cute :D

Not forgetting to collect our Goody bags which contain the key to enter Arena!

Typical photo of Me, Shawn and Boss Ming :D Nang this.

Oh ya! I won 2nd prize for my fashion post! 300 bucks :D
(btw, the photo above is highly photoshop-ed! Chio sia~)

Ending with a photo with everyone that attended the event!

On our way to the Singapore River Festival!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

GLOW: Issue 2 out now!

Remember I wrote an article about GLOW last time? GLOW is actually a magazine launched by Watsons, this magazine is packed with info on health tips, beauty buzz news and wellness features and many more!

Issue 2 is out NOW! The price is still $2 but packed with more information this time!

Some highlights about this issue:
- A chance to win the cover model's makeup collection
- Get tips on how to be an eco-goddess and save the environment!
- Fabulous GLOW discounts and deals on page 82!

You get a Cosmetic pouch with every purchase of the magazine :D

Comes in 3 different design!

Want to look good & feel great?
Check out the Glow Workshop on page 80.
Basic Details: 15 August 2009 at Hotel Intercontinental (Registration fee: $25 - inclusive of goodie bag and light refreshments!)

P.s: Join GLOW Facebook Page to get more updates!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't you wish to have online access anywhere?

I bet your answer is " YES, I WISH! "

Before I go on talking about how you can be online anytime, anywhere, Let me just share with you my marvelous phone - My magnificent Samsung Omnia :D

So far the best phone I ever had!

There is like a 5 Megapixel camera, A huge touch screen, a onscreen QWERTY keyboard, accelerometer and best of all... WIFI all packed into this smart phone!

Having internet access in my pocket is one of the most convenient thing for a blogger like me! It's like bringing a laptop everywhere, only smaller and lighter (:

With my Omnia, I will be able to use the internet browser to view my blog (and read other blogs too!) plus I can even approve comments on the go :D

I can also chat on MSN with my friends (:

Twitter is like the in-thing now, everyone is twitter-ing, So am I :D With my phone, I can update my twitter status and also view @replies on the go :D

BUT did you realise I have to connect to wireless before I can do any of the above?

And the problem is... Wireless access is not available everywhere :(

What if...

I'm lost somewhere? My phone has the most marvelous Google map application in my phone, but I will need Wifi to locate where I am and how to get directions!

With online access anytime, anywhere...

I can even watch Youtube in the toilet!

Live Life Online Anywhere with SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan! Visit www.singtel.com/youth for details.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Who is the Most YOUnique?

Remember I blogged about the Watsons You Awards the previous time? After about one week after the recruitment phase, the Top 5 for each category is out!

So now the question is...

In case you do not know what the Watsons You Awards is about, you can read my previous post HERE (: Since the finalist are out, I shall give my 2cents about a few of the categories, and to make things more fun, I shall pick my favorites :D

When we hear the term - Healthy hair, we will normally associate it with hair that is long, vibrant and black. 3 out of the 5 finalist fulfills that criteria, but the only short-haired girl caught my attention. Who says short hair cannot be vibrant and healthy? A4 Shine just changed the whole mindset, she has my vote (:

Although your skin may not be the most perfect, but if you are able to perform some make-up magic to form the ultimate flawless face, this award goes to you.

Being half German and half Arabic, she has that unique look that stands out from the crowd. C4 Lubna Nowak gets my vote (:

I had a hard time choosing my favourite out of these 5 guys. I asked myself this question, if I have to approach anyone of these 5 guys to make friends with, who would I choose? I eventually narrowed down my choice to F2 Mervyn and F3 Ivan (:

I asked myself the same question like I did for the males, and My favourite for the Female Friendly face would be E3 Karen. High cheekbones + Sharp nose + her smile. She has the friendliest face (: Don't you think so?

I was expecting a mixture of males and females for this category, but all are girls O.O Where are the guys? Can't guys have Sunny smiles too? Or maybe those guys who joined this category cannot make it. I bet if there is a cute guy, all the girls will vote for him lor! (oh! Maybe that's the reason.)

Oh wells, First impression counts and G2 Zoe gave me the sunniest smile (:

Do vote your favourite via www.watsonsyouawards.com.sg IF you favourite contestant wins, you will automatically be entered into the lucky draw.

The 8 lucky voters who correctly vote for the correct category winners will stand to win attractive product hampers each worth up to $50 in value and a $100 Watsons Voucher! So the more you vote, the greater the chances of winning :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trip to Jurong Bird Park!

My Previous post about my Canon IXUS 95IS and the Selphy CP780. This time I brought the camera to Jurong Bird Park! This camera is really handy (:

Most of the photos in this post don't even need editing! Because of the Intelligent Contrast, the photos were brilliant, all I need to do is resize and crop (:

Alright, let's start with what happen that day! Meeting time was at 2pm, but I reached at like 2.30pm, late as usual :/ I live in Pasir Ris and I have to take the MRT all the way to Boon lay, then take the bus to Jurong Bird Park! (excuses!)

The other bloggers were already there! By the way, out of all the 6 bloggers, 3 of them are Mummy and Daddy bloggers! which is quite interesting. They brought their kids to the Bird park too (: Their kids are super cute! *Pinch cheek*

First stop was actually the "Magic Zone". A place for kids to entertain themselves with activities such as face-painting, or watch magician perform Magic but being BIG kids, I was more interested at the many flamingos behind :D It's really ALOT.

After which, we were just in time for the Bird show! I always look forward to these shows whenever I visit the bird park or the zoo. It's so much more fun watching them perform compared to watching them laze around in their cage/enclosure (:

The same act they use for like dunno how many years to get the audience involved. Nevertheless, it was still quite fun to see 2 parrots competing with each other!

Parrots are like the "main leads" in these bird shows because they can do many things, like fly, no, I should use words like Soar gracefully through hula hoops.

They can even talk. This parrot in the photo can say number 1 to 10 in English and Chinese. It can even sing a Birthday Song! Kinda creepy though. It's like someone faking it from behind :/ But the best thing is...

They give out free drink vouchers!!!! Yes, I'm the lucky one to be chosen! Out of Sooooo many people among the show, ME! When the host asked for a volunteer who is not afraid of birds (although i am abit scared. ESPECIALLY CROWS), I waved my hand frantically, and I CAUGHT HER ATTENTION!

The parrot flew gracefully across everyone and landed on my outstretched hand, placed the voucher on my palm, rested for like 5 seconds and flew back!

So happy! By the way, the above photo is not taken using the Canon camera. Wait, actually it is. But it's taken from a computer screen, because if i want the original photo, it's 15BUCKS. But Clever and Quick me took a photo, and photoshop-ed it (:

Everyone was enjoying the show!

At the end of the show, we get to go down near the stage to take photos with the parrots! This is the time where I get to see how good the camera is.

Just look at the photo above. With the Auto Scene Detection and Intelligent contrast colour, the result of this photo is perfect! I think Parrots make a good subject for photography as their feathers are colourful and contrasting...

Super candid shot. I'm not scared of birds lor!

After the bird show, We headed to the Penguin Exhibition! (Which is aircon-ed!), everyone was looking forward to enjoy the aircon! I mean, see the penguins :D

Just nice it was feeding time when we reached the exhibit! All the penguins were like chionging to the keeper when they saw the him. They are super huge, I expect them to be like small, short and cute =___= I think i watch too much cartoons.

Ya, I was expecting the penguin to be something like the one above :D A Special meet and greet session was arranged for the bloggers! We get to take photo with Pinky! (Pinky is the name of the penguin, I wonder how they differentiate them...)

While the penguin is cute, the kids were even cuter! They like never see a real life penguin before! They are like fascinated by it and their actions are SUPER funny, everytime they touch the penguin, they will rush back and hug their mummy!

Here is one of the group photos with Pinky the penguin! Can you spot the 6 Canon bloggers? The pink colour one is nicer lor! The camera comes in different colours.

Lory Loft is actually a 9 storey high and the world's largest walk-in flight aviary for Lories and Lorikeets. It has like 1000+ free-flying lories! So what we do there is...

Feed the birds! Yes, you did not hear wrongly, it's FEED THE BIRDS. We were each given a cup of what they called the "special nectar mix" (which i think is barley lor!), and we are supposed to walk around and attract those birds to fly to you!

At first I thought that it's impossible that the birds will fly to you if they see you holding the cup, but they did! You just have to "signal" that you have food, and they will move near you and drink from your cup (: It's my first time!

One hand feeding the bird, the other hand I have to take photos with my camera, which would be quite unstable, but with the Optical image stabilizer, i managed to take clear shots like the one above :D Nice right? *Beam*

It was quite late by the time we finish feeding the birds + the weather was super hot, so we decide to call it a day. Wait, are those orange flamingos?

It's different from those that we first saw when we enter the bird park!

With the 3x optical zoom and 12x Digital zoom, I was able to zoom at one of the flamingos! The photo is still clear! They are so pretty, esp when there is a lot.

This marks the end of my Bird Park trip!

Yes! I get to print those chio photo out using my Selphy CP780!

This is not a photoshop-ed collage. It's a REAL one.

Alright, Hope you enjoy reading this post! By the way, I think parents should bring their kids to these interesting places (Zoo, bird park etc) for a family day when they are young, There is so much to learn there! Don't wait till they grow older.