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Universal Studios with BFFs! ♥

This is officially the 3rd time i have been to Universal Studios Singapore ever since it opened and the most thankful thing is, i never once paid for the entrance fee! The very first time was in 2010 when it very first opened, 2nd was thanks to Jiaqi who got tickets for family day and now BFF Nurul who got the tickets and decided to invite me and Yah See! YAY

It was quite a last minute decision because Nurul wasn't sure if she can get the tickets but she got it in the end so we met super early the next day and headed over to Sentosa! Honestly, who would reject going to Universal Studios! LOL

The iconic USS globe which everyone must take photos with. (even if you are not entering USS, lol)

5 years of friendship and counting!

This impromptu USS trip was actually part of an event which consist about 1500+ people so if you happened to plan a USS trip that day, you are actually quite suay because there's an additional of 1500 people on top of the usual weekend crowd. Nevertheless, we still had fun! Universal Studios or Sentosa itself is one of the best best place in Singapore to spend a day at with friends, not taking into account the quite expensive USS entrance fee though. Agree, don't agree?

There was even a queue just to get into USS so we took the opportunity to take photos with our tickets!

My main objective of this USS trip was actually to take the Transformers Ride! This is the latest attraction and i've heard so many people raving about this ride but i have no idea what it is about! I'm a huge fan of the Transformers movie thus taking this ride is a MUST! The queue was rather deceiving because it stretches all the way in. We queued for about 1 hour plus just to take the ride. I remember i was complaining on twitter the whole time while queuing up.

I thought it was just a normal motion simulator ride but this Transformer ride REALLY MOVES from places to places! (at least i think it does,lol) The effects was stunning and it can even make you feel like you are falling like as if you are taking a roller coaster! I seriously wonder how they do it. It will make you feel like the wait is worth it. REALLY REALLY

This giant Transformer robot which people are paying to take photos with. Don't understand why they cannot build a robot that people at least recognise. At least put a Bumblebee or Optimus prime what. This is like some random robot. But still, everyone wants to take photos with it. So proud of my swivel screen camera for the above photo, MUAHAHA

They actually have the real Bumblebee Chevrolet car on display! *takes 452346 photos with it*

Group photo with the Madagascar characters!

There's also another new Madagascar ride which opened recently but none of us was really interested because we heard it's just a slow boat ride. Maybe good for those who has been walking the whole day and wants a rest, but not for us.

I knew EXACTLY what i wanted to have for lunch when i'm in USS! MEL'S DRIVE IN!

I had it the previous time i came to USS and i love the fast food there! It's affordable and there's quite a wide variety of meals to choose from! This time i ordered the chicken burger, top up for a coke float and cheese fries! LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF CHEESE!!! Okay, maybe the next time i come to USS, i should try other places. Shouldn't limit myself, LOL

I THE FAST FOOD HERE! I wish they have an outlet on the island itself, in town or something.

Next attraction we decided to go to was the Shrek 4D movie! We were too full to take any of the exciting rides so we thought we should at least let our food digest before taking the roller coaster rides. Shrek 4D as usual was pretty cool with all the wind and water effects! At any one time, you can have est 500 people (i guess?) watching the show. WOW

Next up, we deposit our belongings and took the Mummy ride! Honestly speaking, this is one of the rides in USS which i'm most afraid of. I never liked roller coasters specially this one which you have no idea where you are going because you are in the dark PLUS there's this part whereby you will DROP BACKWARDS without any warning lor. OH MY TIAN.

Wanted to go for the Jurassic Park rides but then the queue for both rides takes about an hour so we decided not to wait. I was actually looking forward to the water ride and also the canopy flyer! I came to USS twice but only managed to take the ride once. WHY SO LONG QUEUE! The previous time i took the canopy flyer, i brought my camera up! See!

AWESOME RIGHT! But to queue 1 hour just for this 46 seconds ride. Hmm... you decide.


I was telling myself, "This is the 3rd time you have been to USS and you are still not going to try the roller coasters?" and my BFFs was like telling me, what can be worse than the ride we took at Hong Kong the previous time. So i gave in to peer pressure once again, and decided to go on both rides! The RED one was more scary because of the 5 turns!

Nurul was like exclaiming to me when she saw the above Bumblebee and i was like, "I know, i saw it long ago. The car was always there what." then she pointed to me this Bumblebee robot which was moving and i was like, "ZOMG. SERIOUSLY?! BUMBLEBEE?!" (i thought she was all the while referring to the Chevrolet car, LOL!) The next thing i did was to squeeze through the crowd just to take photos of it. Quite real leh! One of the best that i have ever seen irl.

A group photo of the BFFs with our churros (and the globe, lol) to end this post!

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven't been to USS before, it's time to plan a trip there! The first time i stepped into USS, i felt like i was transported overseas. Sounds abit kua zhang but it's really true! You need to feel it for urself.

Read about my first trip to Universal Studios Singapore here: Part 1 and Part 2. Also the 2nd time over HERE :D

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Part 2: Twitpics of the past!

Continue from the previous post, read it HERE if you haven't! Basically in this 2 part post, i'm just sharing some old twitpics that i uploaded through my phone ever since i first joined twitter. So without ado, let's continue with part 2!

Uploaded 863 days ago.

Caption: "My desk is the one & only one in the world b'cos I designed it! Spent the whole day drawing on it in sec school! (:" I bought this white table from ikea and i thought the design was rather plain so one day i grabbed a black marker and started doodling on it, trying to fill up as much space as possible! I thought the end result was rather pretty and decided not to change my table until recently i did a room revamp and change out all the furniture. So bu se de :(

Uploaded 861 days ago.

I was rather bored and i decided to play with photoshop by trying to edit coloured contact lens on, and to make things even complicated for myself, i tried to photoshop my braces away! Now i look at the "after" photo, i think the eyes quite kua zhang. Last time still noob. The teeth ok lah. It's looks quite alright taking into account that i wasn't very good in PS.

Uploaded 829 days ago in Korea.

One of the proudest moment in my blogging journey. The very first time in my 21 years i got to take a plane and it was to Korea, plus it's fully sponsored by LG. Representing Singapore to attend the Global LG workshop. It's the best thing that ever happened throughout my blogging days! It was also my first time experiencing snowfall. Super amazing!

Uploaded 808 days ago.

Nothing really got to do with me but still. Jessica posted the "before" photo on her twitter and challenged everyone to photoshop the image and since i was super free during that time, i took up the challenge and edited the photo to the "after" image. I would say it's not very difficult but there's definitely room for improvement to make it more "real" (:

Uploaded 803 days ago. I miss that hair.

Uploaded 745 day ago.

Not only did LG sponsored me to Korea, they also gave me their latest phone at that time which is the LG eve! It was one of the best sidekick phone i ever had plus i requested to wait for the black and silver version which was out much later! I still have the phone with me till today! A sponsored trip to Korea + free phone, what more could i have ask for?

Uploaded 721 days ago.

I remember it was before i enlisted in army! Since i had to shave botak before i enlist. I thought why not do something crazy to my hair, so i bought a bottle of bleached and DIY it to make it look like one of the SHINee member, Jonghyun! This is definitely the most crazy thing i did to my hair but i have never regretted it. I think not bad what, no meh? LOL

Uploaded 718 days ago.

My hair starts to turn orange as the days goes by but still, no regrets. Officially took off my braces 718 days ago and till this very day, i still religiously put on my retainers when i go to sleep every night. What a big difference compared to my old photos! I can't believe i'm saying this but i think i took this photo in a toilet cubicle. Don't judge me, no idea why.

673 days ago. Baked by Claire, one of the best i've ever tasted

Uploaded 662 days ago.

One of the best phones i ever had in terms of user friendliness. Used it till the very day until i enlisted into Tekong. After the few weeks confinement period, i reached home only to hear from my mum that she lost it on the very day i enlisted.

Uploaded 575 days ago.

Planned my 21st birthday while i was in Tekong. No idea how i did it but the planning was one of the few things that kept me going. Eventually i settled with the crazy idea of having it at Mcdonalds! Designed the invitation card and bought a photo printer just to print those out. I would say, it was definitely worth the effort. Enjoyed myself a lot

449 days ago.

Clarence couldn't make it to my 21st birthday party because he was overseas (i forgot where he went) but he brought something back! He knew i was a huge fan of stitch so he got the above soft toy for me! I think it's damn cute! YAYYY

Uploaded 118 days ago.

This photo was taken some time back when i was writing for a online magazine as a resident blogger - Sauceink. We were having a photoshoot at Singapore Expo and it was around night time when we decided to do a car shot with the headlights on. I thought this shot was not bad, quite cool what! Got the initial D feel or Taiwan drama feel, wtf LOL

Uploaded 53 days ago

One of the more recent images when DrawSomething is the craze (it still is!) Every time when i can't solve a drawing, i would twitpic it and ask my followers for help. Now when i look back at the above two photos, i still have no idea what's the answer. Can anyone figure it out? I should have print screen and share all the weird drawings that my friends drew!

Uploaded 30 days ago.

Last but not least, the above photo is one of the most recent photos that i uploaded! If you have been following me on twitter, you will notice that i've been going for bowling sessions every few days, it's like i'm almost addicted to it! Each game is about $4.50 for public but after i signed up for this Nebo card, it's only $3.50 on peak and $2.70 during non peak! Save alot in the long run leh! Impromptu-ly grabbed my Facebook DP for the card image, the card very wu hua!

That's all for my twitpic recap post! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as i did recapping what was happening when i took those photos. I'm quite determined to update my twitter/fb with more photos since i got my new iPod touch! :D

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Part 1: Twitpics of the past!

I was browsing through my twitpics that i have uploaded ever since i joined twitter and i thought, "Woah, these photos are really old!" My very first twitpic was uploaded about 1038 days ago which is about 3 years ago. I'm honestly quite glad that i did upload random photos from my lousy camera phone during those days because today when i see those photos, i know exactly what i was doing/thinking at that point of time - Which is also the reason why i'm doing this post!

What you gonna see is a selection of "more interesting" photos which i got from my twitpic stream. Do bear with the photo quality as they are from the "olden" type of camera photos, 3 years ago leh! But i think you will get to see the quality gets better and better as the list goes down, LOL Hope you enjoy this post as much as i enjoy recapping them (:

My very first twitpic taken using my laptop's webcam 1038 days ago! (Thus the quality) The caption was, "My sis say my chio jacket looks like it's made from Garbage bag! Really meh?!" TROLOLOLOL This jacket is not cheap ok, especially for a poly student like me during that time and my sis's first comment was that it looks like a garbage bag. Bu shi huo.


There was this period of time during my poly days where i was crazy over these soft toys machines! I would just waste money and indulge in these machines hoping to catch stitch soft toys at the end of the day. Come to think about it, it's damn waste of money can. Now all the soft toys are just collecting dust in my room. What was i thinking?! FML tyvm.

1030 days ago. Caption: "My collection of stitches :D"

See see see! Look at the amount of Stitch soft toys i have at home. There are even more than those in the photo above! Now i only display the bigger ones and dump all the smaller ones into this bag. No idea what to do with it. Yet.

Caption - "When you have nothing to twitter, what you can do is twitpic a photo of urself acting cute :P"
Oh my 天. Taken 1028 days ago.I don't want to explain myself. Next.

1024 days ago. Caption - "E-learning @Starbucks now! Guess what drink I'm having? :D"

I remember there was this period during poly which i did not attend school because either #1: I was too lazy to travel all the way to woodlands. #2: I was gonna be late. #3: I don't like that particular module/facilitator. What i would do is take a bus to Tampines Mall's Starbucks, order my fav. drink, plug in my laptop and spend the rest of the day there (:

Uploaded 1023 days ago. Caption - "Can you believe this is how I look like in the past?"

Yeah, that's how i looked like in the past. This photo caused quite a stir when i first uploaded it. Generating like 1000+ views in a couple of hours. Everyone was commenting about my teeth, which is also the reason why i had braces on in poly. Honestly i think this is already one of the "better" photos of me when i was younger. The wonders of Braces, LOL

997 days ago. "Can you spot my Hair extensions? I did it for fun, haha :D"

I always wanted grey hair during my poly days (I have seriously no idea why) so one day i was at Far east with Rinn and Hui xin and i randomly thought of putting a few grey extensions into my fringe just for fun. It's like $1 each only and the above is the end result. Not really very obvious plus i can feel the clip in my hair. Took it off after a couple of weeks.

990 days ago. "OMG! It's really ME on those "TV" at shopping malls! Managed to capture a shot of myself"

Got a tweet from one of my followers during class that they spotted me on some giant television at Tampines mall so out of curiosity and to see if it's really true, i decided to head down to TM after school and to my surprise, i appeared on the giant screen. Apparently it's for some Canon camera advertisement by OMY or something. 我是明星 hor, LOL

979 days ago. No caption. I think i got the HTC phone through some blogging contest! *flicks hair*

974 days ago. Caption "Just got off the limo! Felt like a superstar, lol!"

Because of my blog, i have sat in a limo for at least 3 times. Something which most people don't really get to experience unless they decided to rent it for themselves. I think 974 days ago was the first time i stepped into one and i was amazed by how luxury and spacious it is. I felt like a superstar! Without my blog, i would just be a normal teenager.

962 days. Since young, this has been the ONLY brand/flavour of Maggi mee i take.

Uploaded 926 days ago. Most people were crazy over Restaurant city and Farm ville during my poly days so i decided to join in the fun! Honestly, the REAL reason why i have 2 facebook accounts is because... i tried to cheat in RC and got banned from the game! Thus i decided to create another account to play the game again, LOL! Now you know :P

Uploaded 911 days ago. "It has been long since i put on my chio blue Geo lens! (:"

Throughout my poly days, i have been wearing contact lens to school! You know those popular GEO lens which cost less than 15 bucks and you can literally wear them for a year? I was wearing those. I had like blue, grey, green, brown etc. Wearing them for one year seem a bit too extreme so my stand is max. 3 months. After which i will throw them away. Anyway, it's affordable to get another pair too. If you divide, it's only 5 bucks a month. Much cheaper than outside!

899 days ago. "I think Macdonalds Monopoly game is damn addictive! Must I repeat that I won a Milkshake last night?"

LOL, because of this game, i literally took the train over to NYP to have McDonald because their EVM are student price and they give double the game cards! I dare not aim for higher prizes so everytime i just wish to win a milkshake, that's all i wish for! Most of the time if i heng then get food items, other than that normally nothing de... So addictive. LOL

Alright, that's all for part 1! Will be sharing the remaining twitpics in part 2!

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Picnic at Marina Barrage 2012!

I started blogging in 2007. It was during my poly days when i felt really really bored in class so i randomly typed in "" into my address bar and created this blog. All i wanted was a space for me to rant and post random photos that i took using my phone. Little did i expect to know this bunch of people from the blogosphere which was quite happening at that time! We met through blog events, contests and to them, i was the "Nuffnang's November featured blogger" until we got really close and became really really good friends, even until this very date! Amazing.

We would gossip about bloggers, join blog contests together, hang out and do all sorts of funny things and the most significant event of each year was actually the Picnic at Marina Barrage! It all started in 2010 when we randomly decided to hold a picnic at the Barrage! We had so much fun the first time (Read it here!) and we decided to have it again in 2011 (Read it here!) and since we already had it 2 years in a row, how can we not have one in 2012 right?!

Oh my tian. See how much we have changed in terms of appearance! TROLOLOLOLOL at my orange hair in 2010! I remember i tried to DIY bleach it myself before i enlisted into NS! How old was Yingzi at that time? 17? Wait. Did Jing long change his hair parting?! Joyce is still as act cute as ever. Even in 2012, you shall see in the photos later, LOL

Here we have, recorded in this humble blog of mine - Picnic at Marina Barrage with the *cousins 2012!

Since it's a picnic, there MUST be food! Normally we would meet at Suntec's carrefour and grab some food and snacks before heading down to the Barrage but this year, we decided to do things differently! Everyone prepare something for everyone! This year, we had #1: Curry chicken and Beehoon prepared by Limei, Jing long and his mum! #2: Handmade Sushi by Yingzi and her BF! #3: Chocolate fondue by Jiaqi! #4: Fruits prepared by Joyce! #5: Drinks prepared by Weijie! #6: Finger food by Josh! #6: Well, I bought delicious cupcakes for everyone! What a spread!!!!

Jing long brought his Danbo along so i thought why not take photos with it!

Honestly speaking, Marina barrage is one of the best places in Singapore to have a picnic! The space is HUGE, there isn't much restrictions, the wind is cooling and you get to see so many kites flying in the air. The getting there and getting out of the place is abit inconvenient though. But still, it's FREE for all to enter the barrage! No need pay de leh, LOL

Was playing with the "make up" mode on my EX1 and took the above photos! This function automatically detect the faces and smoother the skin, like photoshop! But i think it's quite obvious the "make up" mode is being used right?

12 pretty cupcakes that i got from Twelve Cupcakes by Jamie Yeo and Daniel Ong! Went down to the outlet at Millennium Walk before meeting the rest at Marina Bay. I heard the Red velvet was not bad, but i chose the Vanilla Chocolate one instead. Their cupcakes are moist and nice, this dozen cost about 26 bucks! Everyone can has one!

Made everyone pose with their cupcakes to create the collage above

Not forgetting to take group photos! It's amazing how our personal online blogs can bring us all together from the cyberspace to real life and becoming good friends! That's the power of social media nowadays, MUAHAHA

If you look at the photos closely, you would have realised we are having our picnic indoor instead at the huge grass patch outside! It's all because of the erratic weather! Suddenly rain, then shine, the rain again. So we decided to stay under shelter. We did played with kites and Frisbee though! Had a lot of fun catching up with one another :D

Last but not least, shall end this post with a Polaroid group photo!

"*Cousins, shall we have another picnic at Marina Barrage next year?"