Saturday, July 31, 2010

Customized Brownies! P.osh

Last week, i was thinking what to get for my BFF for her 21st birthday! Other than a present, i want to give her something special. I promised her 21 helium balloons but did not managed to get it, so i suddenly thought of getting her a customized brownie, so i went to P.osh at Dhoby Ghaut! :D

Supposed to get one only, in the end i bought 3!!!!!

At P.osh, you can order customized designs on your brownie, just tell them what's the message you want and they will design for you right on the spot! These are some of the examples on display!!!!

I ordered a total of 3 brownie cakes. One says "Happy Birthday", which for for Jiaqi since her birthday is the day before so i thought of getting one for her as well. Another is for my BFF Yah see which says, "Happy 21st Birthday", and lastly a small little one for my other BFF Nurul! Waited around 20 mins :D

Quite enjoyable to see them design the brownie! Writing the wordings with chocolates...

Decorating with M&Ms, putting them nicely one by one!

Carefully sprinkle colorful rice to make the whole thing look more attractive!

TA-DAH! This is the one for Jiaqi! Damn nice right! Looks too good to be eaten lor.

This is the one for BFF Yah see! Quite nice also! (Did not take photo of the other one)

The price of the brownie cake is quite reasonable, for the mini one (one small piece with wordings) cost $4, so if you want a bigger one for messages such as anniversary or Happy birthday message, it's around 4 to 6 pieces of brownie add together, so it's around $12 to $16 for quite a big one? It would be so much more fun if we get to design it ourselves like the icing room design cake one! :D

P.s: This is NOT an advertorial, just felt like sharing ;)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Nom Nom Nom" day!

Nom nom nom! Had a craving for various food and wanted to tryout some new items so i decided to dedicate one day to have everything! I was thinking instead of blogging each item one by one in different post, i might as well put everything together right? So this post is ALL ABOUT FOOD!

(Warning: This post might make you hungry! Especially if you read this during the night!)

Chocolate-y breakfast! Slice of chocolate cake + Slice of blueberry cake + London ChocoRoll + Teddy bear biscuit and a cup of Milo! I know it's quite a lot but YES, i can finish everything all by myself!

Met up with Jing long in the afternoon for pool session at Cineleisure! Craving for Japanese food and the first place i thought of was Sakae Sushi! New outlet opened right beside cineleisure, SCAPE!


Complimentary green tea for Sakae members! Ordered my favourite Tamago sushi (3 plates!) and Chawanmushi! Jing long ordered 3 plates of his favourite Unagi sushi too! Wait, that's not all!

Side orders: Fried hotate and Potato Croquette! Ordered Yaki tori and Gyoza too! *smack lips*

After lunch, it's time for dessert and was craving for Everything With Fries Nutella slice! Not that i have tried it before, it's just that after reading so many reviews of their Nutella slice, i want to try it too!!!

Nutella slice ($3.50) and Coke float ($3.50)

*wipe sweat* I'm so glad the Nutella slice DID NOT disappoint me at all!! The portion was just right, just nice for 1 person. The chocolate was not really thick, just nice. But at $3.50 per slice, it's kinda expensive for the portion. But i would definitely try it again if i drop by Orchard Central soon :D

Next up! Dinner at Pizza hut! Read about the newly launched Big bites pizza! Time to try!

Ordered the Delight meal and it comes with 2 glasses of "Emerald Sparkle" and mushroom soup :D

Additional add-ons: Sweet and spicy Drumlets! nom nom nom

Here comes the Pizza! Ordered my all time favourite Hawaiian pizza and the the big bites are actually chicken meatballs and shrimp balls! Not a bad combination, was feeling damn satisfied after finish the whole pizza! (Ehh, obviously i shared with someone lah -__-) That's all for my Nom nom nom day! Spent quite a lot of $ that day JUST ON FOOD! Zzz. Nvm, it's not like i eat this much everyday :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ice Skating at Kallang Leisure Park!

Had a sudden "feel" to go ice skating so i twittered about it during midnight and Joyce @replied me asking me to plan an ice skating outing, the thing i did was to sms to see who was interested and guess what? The following day, Me, Ying zi, Jiaqi, Joyce and Jing long were meeting up for ice skating!

Super happy us! Jing long not in the photo because he took this photo! :D

Damn pai seh because the little kids there were SOOOOOOOO much better than us. We are totally noobs at ice skating lor, most of us had to hold the railing and refuse to let go for the first 30 mins!

We were partnering, trying to guide each other with holding the railings

Not forgetting to pose for the camera!

Decided to all hold hands and skate together, but there's a risk of...

SOMEONE FALLING DOWN! Causing the rest to unbalance too! LOL

Fell down at the very end. Had a bad fall and scratched my elbow. The scar is still there lor :(

Had a super fun time with everyone! Can't forget the fun we had together!!! If you have nowhere to go in Singapore and would like to tryout something fun, why not head down to Kallang leisure park to ice skate!!!! Not really expensive also, i think it's around 18 bucks per person for 2 hours? Ok what ;)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

American Breakfast at Cafe Cartel!

I felt like having Sunday breakfast and the first person i thought of was Claire! No idea why, maybe it's because she is one of my few friends that wakes up early in the morning everyday! (Most of my friends wake up after 12noon?) Thought of having Ya sun at Tampines but realised it closed down nong nong ago, so Claire suggested Cafe cartel! Their breakfast menu online looks damn nice! Click HERE! :D

Cafe Cartel breakfast at Tampines Mall!

Love American Breakfast because there's ham, egg, sausage and bacon! Spoilt for choice!!!!

Complimentary bread with butter! Super nice *smack lips*

Can't decide but felt like having EVERYTHING!!! Thank god i mean Cafe cartel they have the Ultimate delight set! I can has Pancake, Toast, Bacon, Chicken Sausage and scrambled egg ALL IN ONE!!! :D

Breakfast set comes with free flow of coffee or tea, but i decided to top up 50cent for Orange juice!

Claire topped up 50 cents too for a Cafe Latte! Looks damn good!

That's all for Sunday breakfast! Feel like having Breakfast EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY! Like make it a routine or something. Every Sunday go to different places to have breakfast and blog about it, sounds good right!!!! Ehh, any suggestions/ recommendations on where i should go next? Comment below! ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe at Orchard Central! 翡翠香港茶餐厅

Was catching up with Clarence and Kelvin and we decided to have lunch at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe at Orchard Central! Technically it's my first time dining in there (I only had dessert the first time!) Bet most of you guys don't know there's a Crystal Jade Hong Kong cafe in Singapore right! I always thought there's only one type of Crystal Jade, the one that have the famous xiao long bao and fried rice...

Clarence deciding on what to eat...

They have quite a huge variety of food, mostly HK delights. All look super tempting.

Their milk tea is presented in the MOST SPECIAL way!

Their desserts are highly recommended! Love the shaved ice :D

Kelvin ordered their Crispy Spring Chicken with lemon grass specialty!

I ordered Chicken and "xiang chang" rice wrapped in lotus leaf! nom nom nom

Clarence ordered a Ocean Basket!

Their milk tea comes in this very special bottle with a hole in the center where they place dry ice in it! When served, the waitress will pour abit of water into the hole, causing it to react with the dry ice and endless smoke will flow out from the hole, spreading all over the table!!!! Spectacular! I was like, "Wahhhhhhhhhhh....."

Clarence's ice lemon tea! Comes with 2 bugs included.

Ta-dah! An overview of the food we ordered!

Ordered Chocolate shaved ice for dessert! Comes with vanilla ice cream too!

Total bill amounted to $60.40! Quite reasonable for the quality of the food :D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Brand New Blogskin!

Anyone surprised after entering my blog? YES!!! I CHANGED MY BLOGSKIN! After checking my blog history, i found out the last time i changed my blogskin was April 2009, so it has been more than a year! Always wanted to change but after looking at all the codings, i always give up in the end. Zzz

This time, i managed to preserve till the end and i'm satisfied with this end product! *throw confetti* This blogskin is actually a "re-work" from my other blogskin (read this POST) I somehow tweak the design here and there abit. Without further ado, i shall show you guys what i did! *beams* :D

The concept for this blogskin is "doodle", thus i have to look for the perfect font:

Best place to look for fonts?! Chose "Action Jackson" as it's exactly what i pictured in my mind. Looks doodle-ish and not too messy, should be able to do the job! Quite nice right? :D

White background would be too plain so i google-d for a sketch/ doodle image and lighten it so that it won't be too overpowering, grabbing too much attention. Credited the respective designer! :D

Had a hard time thinking about my banner. To me, the banner is important as it gives people the first impression of your blog. I decided to keep things simple with little images and text and to design it to be doodle-ish with sketches of thunderbolt and clouds to depict - "Storm" and also to match the theme. Colour scheme to be white and yellow. Animated the banner to make it look more attractive :D

Added header links for easy access to some pages! At first it's just the text, but decided to last minute-ly add in the camera doodle beside it to fit the theme. Most people won't realise that when you hover your mouse over the text, it will actually turn yellow, scroll up and try it! :D

After much research and google-ing, i FINALLY managed to learn how to change the font of the date and title! This is something really really special because it's not the default font! If you look closely, you will also realise the background of the post is actually lined paper, so this doodle-ish font fits the background perfectly! I was damn happy when i finally figure out how to do it! *wipe sweat* :D

Lastly would be the footer of each post. Managed to add in the "I like" javascript by blogger which allows readers to feedback on what they think about the post by clicking the options. However, can't seem to align the footer together no matter how hard i tried, oh wells. Anyone know how? :(

Oh ya, and this blogskin only has 1 sidebar instead of the previous 2! This makes the post area much BIGGER and i can now post HUGE photos!!!! Alright, that's all for my new blogskin! You can start to "feedback" by either posting comments or click on one of the "options" below! Don't be lazy :D