Monday, March 29, 2010


After reading my archives, i realised my blog is not that personal anymore. I used to write about my school life and anything under the sun, but nowadays it's more on adverts, events and just a teeny weeny bit of myself. Oh wells.

Random fact about me: I don't bother explaining myself to others. I only care what my friends think about me. So if you are one of those that think i'm dao, unfriendly or whatever, say whatever you like. You really think i care what you say?

How can you determine a person by his online persona? You don't even know the person in real life and you want to act like you know everything. *Roll eyes*

Find something more constructive to do k? Don't be an idiot.

Oh wells, this post is not even supposed to start this way -__- Nevermind. Just feel like blogging a personal post about my friends. If you don't feel like reading then just close this window, find something else to read. If not, enjoy reading :D

I've finally graduated from RP. 3 years in RP was quite boring but thanks to this few bunch of friends, my life in RP was much much more happening.

The way RP work is different from other polys. You have to change class for EVERY semester, meaning in your whole 3 years of RP life, you will get to know about 6 X 25 = 150 friends. Sounds great but actually it's not. Imagine finally making close friends in the 13th week, and after the 15th week, you have to change class. Zzz

As time goes by, from Year 2 onwards, I wasn't even interested in making friends. After 16 weeks, bye bye. Hello new class. The cycle goes on for 6 times.

BUT i'm glad to know this bunch of friends:

Year 1: Amanda, Keith, Hui xin, Peggy, Rinn!

Got to know them when i first enter RP, everyone of us is in different diploma courses but since year 1 is the foundation year, we were put together and we kept in touch till now. Ok lah, Keith and Peggy kinda disappear to dunno where BUT consider still in contact lah! Facebook lor. At least still got 3 what.

I'm more close with Rinn and Amanda. We would go home together almost everyday, have lunch together, play piano at the library, skip classes together :D

Year 1 sem 2: Yah see and Nurul!

We were in the same team for the first day! Yah see was sitting beside me, Nurul opposite. Thought Nurul was chinese at first, Lol. Became good friends and now BFFs! We celebrate every birthday together, lunch in school together, CNY we would go Yah see's house! I remember blogging last time about our BFF outing! :D

Year 2 & Year 3: Zakia, Wei jian, Shao Cheng & William (Not in picture)

Got to know them in Year 2, but being good friends and having the same interests. We chose the EXACT same modules and put them in the EXACT sequence for higher chance to be in the same class and we managed to kena same class again!

Really love them alot. They are the ones who made my life in RP so much more fun. Ohh! We also did FYP together! Slack at the starting then chiong all the way at the end. Damn stress but nevertheless, we managed to finish it in the end :D

I've made all kinds of friends in my life. Some that leave little impressions and some that managed to change my life. Some that made friends with me for a motive. Some that changed after being affect by the people around them and hypocrites.

Alright, shall abruptly end my post here cos i dunno how to continue further! "True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere" I my diamonds, those leaves in my life can go fly kite :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To change or not to change?

NOT. Obviously if i change my blogskin, you won't be seeing the same skin right? Yup, i did made a new blogskin but i decided to stick with the old one after much consideration. Honestly, i'm not bored of my current blogskin, but sometimes it's good to have a change. BUT change for the better, not for the worst. Agree?

I wanted to totally change my whole blog concept. From something dark (current) to something bright. In other words, invert the colours. From black to white :D

So from the current skin:

Easily inverted with photoshop to get the idea...

Ta-dah! Something like that. Obviously with alot of other changes.

What actually made me decide to do a new blogskin is because of I was browsing for new fonts and i came across this cool font:

Action Jackson. It has a very "doodle-ish" feel, something that i would sketch on my book in school days. So i want the concept of my new blogskin to be "Doodle" :D

First, i'll have to find a suitable background. After browsing google image, i finally settle on this. (Credits) Lighten-ed the colour so it won't be too overbearing.

After which, the header of each sidebar widget. So using the Action Jackson font that i downloaded, i began to use photoshop to create the header so the whole blog will look doodle-ish! The content is still the same as my current skin :D

Here comes the difficult and the most important part which determines the whole blogskin. The banner. Using the same font and a few graphics + animation, a new banner was born! I also decided to add 3 main header below the banner. Home, about and contact, if you put your mouse over any of them, it will be highlighted :D

Also, since my background is now white, I can make use of the blogger post widget to set the "options" which encourage readers to rate the post! (It's impossible to do it on a black background, oh wells.) So if you put everything together...

TA-DAH! (Psst, view the real thing @

So what do you think of the new blogskin? Which is better? Current or New? Honestly, i like my new blogskin but i feel that my current one suit me more.

Vote at the Sidebar! (Don't be lazy, scroll up again!) :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sentosa Resort World!

Woke up at 4am and went to the Airport to send mel off to Wuhan, slacked at the airport till about 9am before going home to sleep! After waking up, decide to randomly meet Jing long, Angel, Don and Ying zi to go Resort World walk walk! :D

As you can see from the photo, it's SUPER crowded at Vivo that day, no idea why. Maybe everyone rushing to the newly opened casino to lose money AHAHAHAHAHA

Weeee! Off to Sentosa!

We can use our Ez link to pay for entry, but we still opt to buy from the machine!

Too long never go into Sentosa le.

After getting off the station, i felt like i stepped into another country! (Not trying to exaggerate!) It feels abit like Genting but without the coldness. Universal Studios!

OMG! There it is! The famous Universal Studio "Ball"!

Ta-dah! Mission accomplished! Always wanted to take a photo like that :D

Nope, we did not go in. Universal Studios officially opens on 18th march! But there was a preview during CNY! 10 bucks just to go in see see, IF I KNOW, i confirm go queue for the tickets de lor :( Tickets are now $66 for weekday, $72 for weekends.

Beside Universal Studios is Hershey's chocolate world!

You can find all sorts of chocolates and sweets in there! Quite interesting.

We were trying to find where the casino is and we finally it's at the basement. See that long queue in the above photo? They are all Singaporeans waiting to pay the $100 levy just to get into the casino! I heard blackjack is $50 per round! O_O

After reading so many news on the casino, i'm interested to go in when i turn 21 this year! (Although the $100 levy is abit heart pain, but oh wells...) Experience!

There were also outdoor performance at night! :D

We went on to explore around further. It felt like Pandora (Avatar's world!) when we proceed to take the escalator to the shopping area. Damn amazing! The colours, the lights and the music makes you feel like you are in another world!

Alright, that's all for this post! If you guys got nothing to do, maybe you can gather a few friends, pay 3 bucks each and head over to see how RWS is like! Can't wait to enter Universal Studios, have to start saving money now, 66 bucks leh! :D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Singtel Youth Strikeback!


Sometimes I’m very thankful that I’m still a student. It's like we are getting benefits everywhere we go! When we go into Mac, Burger king or KFC, we have student meals, when we watch movies, we get student price. Same for Mobile plans!

Everyone should know what the Youth plan is all about right? Do i even need to explain more? Other than the FREE unlimited sms, FREE data bundle, FREE camp calls, FREE campus calls, FREE incoming calls, Just wanna tell you guys that Youth benefits is now available on 3G Flexi & iFlexi plans with 12 Gb of local Data usage!
Let me tell you more about the 3G Flexi and iFlexi plans!
#1: 12 GB local Data usage (Applicable for 3G Flexi & iFlexi youth plans)

Before i go on, let me just show you my bill before i got my data plan:

No, You did not see wrongly. It's really $98.89 just for data usage.
Now with a bundle of 12 Gb local data usage, you can surf to your hearts content. From my personal experience, 1 Gb is more than enough. With 12 Gb, i think you can watch YouTube, MSN, Facebook, twitter everyday on your phone! Woots!
Afraid that you might exceed the 12Gb, don't worry! There's a $30 cap for unlimited data usage! If you are using a Smart phone like me, you should go for the 3G Flexi plan. HOWEVER if you are a iPhone user, you should go for the iFlexi plans :D

#2: AMPed!
(Applicable for 3G Flexi & iFlexi youth plans)
If i feel bored on the train, I can browse through the AMPed music store and download songs from the AMPed music store for FREE with no data charge!

Mobile TV on the go! (Applicable for iFlexi youth plans only!)
Instead of rushing home to watch my fav Channel 8 dramas, I will be able watch it from my phone! Other channels include CNA, Bloomberg and Football Frenzy :D

To summarise this iFlexi plans with Youth benefits, here's the table:
If you are thinking of signing up or upgrading your student plan, why not consider 3G Flexi iFlexi plans? Whether you are a heavy data usage user or not, there's definitely a plan catered for you! Psst, if you are just looking for a basic voice plan, there are basic iPlans available too! :D
For more details, please check out any SingTel shop or

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

新加坡e乐大赏 2010!

大家好,我今天要用华语来 blog! 哈哈哈

Ok, forget it. I don't know what else to type in Chinese. Last Saturday, i was invited to 新加坡e乐大赏 2010 a.k.a Singapore entertainment awards 2010! Thanks to OMY!

It's has been long time since i attended a actual concert. I think the very last one was Avril Lavigne's a few years back! So when i saw the email from OMY, i rsvp-ed!

Ta-dah! 2 Complimentary tickets for me and don :D

No food and drinks allowed at the event. They look through our bags and made me throw away my mineral bottle lor! Obviously want us to buy things from inside -__-

Event officially starts at 7pm, but like any other concerts, there will be opening performances to entertain you while waiting. Starting was quite boring though...

Until about 7pm, a dance group came out for the grand opening! :D

Time for the concert to start! Artistes started coming in from the Red carpet! Stars like 小鬼, Yoga 林宥嘉, By2 etc! Loudest cheer was obviously for SHINee! Everyone went crazy when they arrived! My camera focus on the stupid girl instead -__-

By2! First time listening to them, i think they can sing. I my camera! I can zoom all the way to the stage and the photos are still clear! You shall see later :D

Chen wei lian with his touching vocals :D

Unexpected surprise. JJ 林俊杰 was there too!

One of the awards presented went to his fan club, and the members get to perform with him on stage! Honestly without fans, a celebrity is nothing. Right right right?

WAITED 4 HOURS and finally it's SHINee's turn to perform!!!! I heard SHINee is the reason why alot of people bought tickets for this concert! I think they purposely make SHINee perform last to make everyone anxious lor! Once they appear, everyone (mostly girls) started screaming, and started taking out their cameras! :D

Zoom zoom zoom all the way to the stage! :D

Honestly, i wasn't a fan of them, and i don't even know how they look like. BUT after they performed "Replay", "Jojo" and "Ring ding dong", I can't help cheering with the others. It felt like the 4 hours wait was totally worth it! ENCORE! :D

Eason 陈奕迅 came out to perform too! After which, the concert came to an end.

By the way, there were other celebrities like Ah Du, 臭屁将, Tanya chua, Liu ling ling and many more that performed at the concert too! It's just that i never put their photos and talk about them here! The concert ended at around 11+ :D

As everyone was leaving, SHINee fans gathered at the carpark hoping for a glimpse of them. Being curious, i decided to join in and wait BUT not only we got chased away by the security guards without seeing SHINee, i missed my last train. FML

Random: Even though the concert was exciting, this "red glow" was even more exciting! Everytime there is this sudden glow in the sky, everyone will turn their head and wonder what causes it! If you are wondering too, checkout this LINK!

That's all! :D