Wednesday, March 30, 2011

香港 Hong Kong Trip with BFFs: Day 2

If you haven't read the Day 1 post for whatever reason, click HERE to read it! On Day 1, we slept at around 1am+ and we made it a point to set off by 9am the next day so that we can have ample time for early breakfast and make our way to Ocean Park! (Which is quite a distance from our hotel!) :D

When planning the itinerary for this Hong Kong trip, the 2 main places that i want to visit was #1: Ocean Park and #2: Disneyland! So i planned Day 1 to be exploring the streets of HK, Day 2 to be Ocean Park, Day 3 to be Disneyland and Day 4 to be last minute shopping! Without further ado, let's start on Day 2! The girls woke up damn early. As expected, i was the last to wake up. Oh wells -__-

Every morning, we will take a group shot to start the day! Notice our matching tees?

The previous night while we were exploring the streets of Hong kong, we ended up at some night market (It's like our pasar malam!) Then we saw this "I HK" tee, then one of us suggested that we should all get one each and wear it the next day! Anyway it's damn cheap, so why not? Cutee :D

2 camwhore shots photobomb-ed by BFFs! LOL

It's gonna be our very first breakfast in HK, and i was looking for the typical HK cafe, also known as "茶餐厅"! Often see in those HK drama! So glad we found one that's near our hotel, just opposite! YAYY

Can't decide what to order because there's too many choices for us to choose! The menus in HK are all in chinese, so i have to agar agar figure out what it is. But i'm damn proud that i can speak Cantonese! I can converse well and all the aunties like me alot, still say want to give me discount leh! *blush*

I CAN HAS POLO BUNS! Finally i can sink my teeth into an AUTHENTIC polo bun!!! You have no idea how delicious it is until you try it! I can die happily now! I know i damn kua zhang but still! LOLOLOL

My breakfast set also comes with ham, hot dog, double sunny side up and mixed veggies (eww.)

SEE HOW BIG THE POLO BUN IS?! I wish the ones in SG can be as nice. Oh wells.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

香港 Hong Kong Trip with BFFs: Day 1

Continued from the Prelude (Click HERE to read the Prelude if you haven't!) After 4 hours on the plane, we finally arrived at Hong Kong! The pilot announced that the weather was Cloudy at 12 degrees. super cooling. The immigration queue was super long, after queuing for about 15 to 20 mins...

Arrived at Hong Kong on the 16th of Feb 2011! OMG. It has been a month!

The amount of money that i brought there to spend! Exchange rate was SGD1 = HKD5.7!

The MTR card also known as the Octopus card! For tourists who will be traveling alot in Hong Kong via the MTR, it's highly recommended that you get the 3 day tourist pass (2 way airport transfer + 3 days unlimited ride on the MTR) it cost HK300 (SGD$49.50) and if you return the card at the end of the 3 days, you get a HK50 refund back. Trust me, it's easier and much more convenient this way (:

The amount of brochures that we took from the airport! All sorts of chapalang information!

We purchased the Octopus card from the airport and took the Airport express train to Kowloon (around 20 mins) After which, we took a short cab ride to our hotel! I can converse in Cantonese!

Ta-dah! This is the hotel that we stayed in. It's not easy to find a hotel room that can fit 3 people! In order for 3 adults to stay in the same room, most hotels will suggest adding an additional bed in the room (that's what we did in KL!) But thank god we found Oriental Lander which has the Superior triple room! 3 single size bed in one room! But honestly, i was warned by many people before this trip, they say the hotel rooms in Hong Kong are ALWAYS small. True enough. Now i believe.

Monday, March 21, 2011

香港 Hong Kong Trip with BFFs: Prelude!

After 2 weeks of procrastination after i came back from Hong Kong, i'm finally going to blog about my trip! Hong Kong is somewhere which i always wanted to go since young, no thanks to the influence of HK dramas and looking through the old photos taken during my parent's trip when i was a baby. I can still remember the photo of the Killer whale they took at Ocean Park! I want to see them in real life!

Throughout all these years, being such a noob. I still thought there's killer whales at Ocean park but after googling, i realised the killer whale died in 1997. So now there's only seals and dolphins. FML

Nevertheless, with or without the Killer whales, i still want to visit Hong Kong! I want to go to the Ocean park, visit Disneyland, eat authentic Dim sum, try their Wanton mee and many many more things to do! So like one month before the trip, i randomly sms-ed my BFFs Nurul and Yah see if they want to go on a overseas getaway, and decided on visiting Hong Kong and soon we started planning!

Being the most excited one, I did most of the research, finding of hotels, comparing air fares, find out places to go, transport in HK, current exchange rates, weather forecast, practically everything!

So without further ado, here's Day 1 in 香港 Hong Kong!

One day before the actual trip! Wanted to bring just a normal bag but Nurul suggested that we all bring our HUGE luggage so that we can all fit our things in without bringing back any additional bag!

In the end i only used up like 1/4 of my luggage! Still got so much space left!

Met up with BFFs early in the morning at the Airport! Did i mention we are taking S'pore Airlines? When we first decided to go to Hong Kong, i immediately went to check the air fares. Tiger Airways is definitely a no no for me because of the stories i've read. Initial plan was to take Jetstar but i randomly went to the SIA website and thought, "Why not pay abit more and fly comfortably?" So i psycho-ed my BFFs to take Singapore Airlines instead! Taking A380 leh! I think it's so much better lor! LOLOLOLLOL

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have you tried Skinny Pizza?

After much anticipation to try out Skinny Pizza, Jing long, Jiaqi, Gisiang and i finally decided to drop by their Wheelock outlet to give their pizzas a try! Address: 501 Orchard road, Wheelock Place #03-04

So is it just like any other pizza?

We ordered #1: Ham and Cheese Pizza.

This has got to be one of the most "original" ham and cheese pizza that i have ever eaten. The crust of the pizza is actually a thin piece of cracker, very crispy! Generous serving of Ham and real slabs of cheese! Hate the tomatoes though Reasonable price too. I would definitely want to try it again!

#2: Wild Truffle Mushroom Pizza

Lots and lots of mushrooms on the same crispy thin crust. Feel almost like we're eating snails.

There's a side combo. 3 sides of a price. So we ordered Fries, Spicy Sausages and...

Sweet Potato Sticks! Which is amazingly nice! Especially with the sugar coating :D

Forgot to charge my camera, thank god for my instax for group photos! :D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe at Somerset 313!

This is another super long ago overdue post! I have a habit of editing the photos, upload it to my photobucket, paste them in a new blog post, save as draft and totally forgot about the post. FML

Anyway, i was passing by Somerset and i saw this cute cafe that is Snoopy theme! The first thing that came to my mind was, "OMG, i must bring Kai xin here!" (because she's a HUGE fan of snoopy) so i immediately called Jiaqi and told her we must bring Kai xin there and on that very evening, we dropped by Charlie Brown cafe, located at 313 Orchard Road, #01-25/25A (Discovery Walk) (:

A little Cafe hidden at the side of Somerset 313 (:

Love the Wallpaper! I wish i can paste this on my room's wall...

Camwhore shot #1

Mango Smoothie in a Charlie Brown cafe cup! No? Not special enough?

How bout Snoopy cocoa design on your crepe!!! So 不舍得 eat!!

They can even make the snoopy design onto your whipped cream in your drink!!! Awww~

Yingzi ordered Salmon Sandwich but she wants it w/o the veggies, so the counter boy decided to give her more salmon! It's like overflowing from the croissant!!! She very happy about it that night, LOL

We took out our monopoly deal cards and started playing while eating (Another couple beside us was also playing) but after playing for quite a while, one of the staff came up to us and said, "I'm sorry but you can't play your cards here. We only have the food license, and not the gaming license" Honestly, that's the first time i'm hearing that. In my mind i was like, "Are you trying to chase us away because we are hogging the seats?" (The cafe was like 3/4 empty btw) We had to keep our cards.

Happy Kai xin with the HUGE snoopy at the counter! :D

Group shot #1. See Kai xin damn happy to be at the Cafe. Double twist somemore, LOL

Group shot #2. There she go with the double twist again! LOLLOLOLLOL

Group shot #3. One of the staff volunteered to help us take this shot (:

I would say Charlie Brown Cafe would be quite a good place to chill out after a day in town. You can just drop by, get a seat, enjoy a cup of coffee and have some food with your friends. Girls (and maybe guys) can squeal in delight when they get their food with the snoopy design on it too, LOL Overall quite a cool concept for fans. I would appreciate if they can get the "gaming license" though.

If it really exist.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Items at 99% off their retail price?!

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Wah lao. Envy much. iPad at only $35.40, WHERE TO FIND!!!! :(

Prices start from zero and for each bid, the price goes up by 15 cents, and time limit goes up by 20 seconds! So normally when the countdown time hits zero, the auction will end at a large discount!

I tried to bid for the Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle but then i realised this kind of bidding system requires patience and perseverance! Here's a little tip from my experience: START SMALL! But what's important is the process of "shopping" for the items that you want! I was super excited when i placed my bid during the very last 10 seconds, even though i did not win the item at the end, i still had fun trying to outbid the other bidders and counting down with the timer, praying that i would win, LOL

Don't go for popular items like Xbox or iPad on your first try because alot of experienced bidder are eyeing on them! Go for little items such as Movie vouchers, thumbdrive etc, until you really grasp the concept then go all out for the big items! I'm still learning the ways to winning auctions, LOL :D

Shall eye on their GOLD CLASS Movie voucher next! (which retails at 72 bucks!)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meeting my readers in real life!

On 14th of February, i did a Valentine's day Giveaway Special blog post whereby i will be meeting one lucky female reader and get her a box of Royce chocolates on the spot! All they have to do is to comment "Happy Valentine's Day ANdyStorm" and they stand a chance to win the chocolates!

After looking through all the comments, i decided to choose 2 MORE readers and give them a box of Kinder Surprise each! (NOT the current Kinder Joy, it's the old school kinder surprise!) 3 readers in total! I announced the results on the following Sunday and email-ed the 3 lucky girls! *excited*

#1: Catherine! I was supposed to meet her at 12pm, but i was late. Then i have to go over to Scape to get the chocolates also! Pai seh. But nevertheless, i'm happy to see her and oh ya! She even got me a Stitch cup in return! I was super surprised and gan dong!!! Hope to see you again Catherine ;)

#2: Priscilla! (I think her twitter nick damn random - P_ringabell, LOL) She's the winner of the Royce Chocolates! Brought her to the Royce outlet at Orchard ion. (Actually is she bring me cos i kinda forgot the way. FML) Apparently it's her first time at Royce and she wanted to try something sweet so i got her a box of my favourite Nama Au Lait chocolates, the blue box! Congrats and nice to meet you pris!

#3: Tan si!
Did not managed to meet her yet.

Congrats to the 3 of you!!!
(I wonder what's their impression of me, LOL)

#Random: Yingzi got me this algae/ moss thing that i always wanted!!!

After going through this "giveaway" process, i realised i don't mind meeting more readers in the future! I shall try my best to organise more giveaways (and for guys too! Cos apparently some guys are complaining why the V'day giveaway is only for girls -__-) Do look forward to future giveaways! :D

P.s: If you would like to sponsor items for me to giveaway to my readers in exchange for a short mention on my blog (blogshop, products, service etc), do contact me at (: